Looking to fill up your Sovereign reserves? Don’t miss out on this limited-time Pool of Sovereigns event!

Simply purchase Sovereigns from February 24 (11:00 CET/02:00 PT) via the Top-up page to enjoy up to 35% additional Sovereigns! The bonus comes from a pool of 20,000,000 Sovereigns, and the offer is only available until the counter reaches zero and the pool runs dry.

Event Details

  • Top-up your Sovereigns via the Top-up page and receive up to an additional 35% on top of your initial purchase. (Sovereign bundles purchased through MY.GAMES Market are not eligible for a bonus.)
  • Bonus Sovereigns will be taken from a special pool containing 20,000,000 Sovereigns, represented by a counter on the top-up page.
  • Once the counter reaches 0, the event will end.
  • If the Sovereign pool is not fully depleted by February 28 at 11:00 CET/02:00 PT, the event will end.

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