Modern is out, vintage is in! From February 17 (10:30 CET/server time) until February 23 (23:59 CET/server time) you can arm yourself with antique weapon skins from Season III: Soldiers of Fortune from the in-game store and MY.GAMES Market.

Show off your thrifting prowess with weapon skins from seasons past, available for a limited time only!

Antique Waning Eclipse Shortsword & Shield


Antique Vespa’s Longsword & Shield

Antique Diana's Sanctuary Bow

Antique Janus’ Judgement Shortbow

Antique Gunsmith's Dream Musket

Antique Blood and Sky Daggers

Antique Luminous Dawn Nodachi

Antique Sanguine Sunrise Spear

Antique Summer's Reckoning Glaive

Antique Daybreak Brilliance Poleaxe

Antique Vulcan’s Forge Maul

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