Stage 5 approaches, and the seasonal campaign for Season X: Highlanders is about to reach its crescendo. The main objective for the grand finale of Territory Wars is the fortress city of Turul Város, the home of kings, named after the legendary 'turul' bird of popular mythology.

Territory Wars take place every Tuesday and Saturday, and when Stage 5: Imperial Dawn begins on February 14, the battle for the Capital of Ungverija will take centre stage. Team up with your House or Alliance to gain control and become its sole owners until the Territory War reset just before the start of Season XI.


Turul Város is one of the greatest cities west of the Borderlands, but as the war between Loegria and Aelba rages on, battles and plagues have devastated the site and it is entering a slow decline. The clans who live within its walls struggle to find work and food and are suffering as a result. This lack of strength tempts invaders to try to claim Turul Város for themselves.


General Tips

  • Four paths lead the way to Turul Város, the walled capital city. The busy lanes inside provide cover but not much space to work with.
  • There are two supply points outside the city and two inside. Make sure you claim as many as you can as soon as possible so you can resupply and easily bring more units into the fray.
  • Bottlenecks are rampant in the winding streets, so both attackers and defenders should be wary of turning a corner and running headfirst into a lethal attack.


  • Put pressure on both the gate and the walls until you can break through. If you fail, try to take the supply point first.
  • Deploy mortars to weaken the enemy defence, and attempt to take control of the upper bridge that runs above the base point.
  • Build ladders and use the siege engines to ascend the walls, and use them again to break into the castle within the city where the base point lies. Deploy artillery to demolish the gate to make your way inside.


  • Defenders should man the high walls of the city to prevent the first wave of attacks and attempts to use ladders to climb up. Make sure to focus attacks on siege engines as they approach.
  • Spread your defensive formations tactically as attackers have multiple access opportunities.
  • Set up defences at choke points, and keep an eye on impending invasions of the upper bridge.


To the victor, go the spoils! Members of the House and Alliance which win Turul Város will receive a special Player Title. Prizes are also larger than for ordinary fiefs, and those rewards can be found here.

The Highlanders clans have answered the call to freedom, and there are many brave kinsmen who will fight by your side for Turul Város, including Bagpipers, Claymores, and Houndsmen.

To participate in the Campaign and the battle for Turul Város (and next season’s Territory Wars), you must belong to an NPC or player-controlled House/Cohort or Alliance. Head to the ‘Battle’ interface or the open world to fight alongside your allies and gain control of settlements. For more information about Territory Wars, check out our top tips here.