The much-anticipated return of The Clash has arrived! Back in March 2021, you watched as Content Creators and the Conqueror’s Blade team faced off in a battle of epic proportions, and now the time has come for a rematch—with a few upgrades!

On January 26 (19:00 CET), two teams of 15 will duke it out in a best of three, with teams made up of a mixture of Content Creators and our very own Conqueror’s Blade team members.

This time, the maps that will set the stage for this ‘clash’ of the titans will be determined by you! Cast your vote during the live stream for the battleground you want to see next from a pool picked by the teams.

Tune in on Twitch to watch all The Clash: Reloaded action unfold, and don’t forget to send us your highlight clips and memes on Discord for a chance to win epic prizes! You can also grab some channel points by making your predictions on Twitch during the event.

Mark January 26 on your calendars for this unmissable bout, and may the best team win!