Roar into the Year of the Tiger by celebrating the Lunar Festival in Conqueror’s Blade between now and February 24! Herald new beginnings and earn your stripes with stellar events, new quests from the Warden, marvellous moonlit decorations, and a new limited-time mode. You can also dress to impress with sales on Attires, brand-new Chests to collect, and rewards to earn from the Victory Pass.


Play Conqueror’s Blade between now and February 24 to enjoy the following festivities as part of the Lunar Festival:

  • Sign-in Event: Log in daily to earn rewards during this time of good fortune, including Bricks, Lunar Lucky Bags, Treatises, and more!
  • Lunar Lights: Explore the cities to take in the beautiful sights and scenery of the Lunar Festival. Don’t miss the regular fireworks displays!
  • Warden Quests: Complete Daily and Weekly quests from the Warden before February 17 to receive Bronze, Lucky Bags, and Bricks!


Donate Bricks to the War Effort to earn rewards for you and your server before February 24. Collect Red Jade and Grey Pattern Bricks, Whitestone, and Yellowstone in Matched battles and exchange them for rewards; more bricks equals better rewards!

When the event ends, spare Bricks can be recycled at a rate of 300 Bronze per Brick.

PvPvE MODE: Clash of the Tigers 

Drop into a limited-time Siege mode before February 24 to prove your strength and earn epic rewards, including schematics and equipment, Lucky Lunar Bags, and Bricks to donate to the War Effort!

Battle alongside AI armies and Heroes on a snowy landscape littered with fireworks that can be blown up or used as cannons. Load into this explosive mode for a fight fit for a festival!


Scour the Open World for exotic resources! You might come across Lunar Lucky Bags or Oxen Statues inside scattered Piled Fireworks, which can be gifted to the Quartermaster in exchange for Donation Points.


Get your hands on new Lunar Festival bundles from the in-game store, redeem exclusive rewards by spending Sovereigns during the Fortune’s Bounty event, and receive new Attire from Golden Tiger Attire Chests. Explore the full array of sales events in the Lunar Festival Sale article!

The Lunar Festival will continue until February 24, so enjoy the festivities and shoot for the moon!