Broch Eastray is the site of the first Highlanders settlement, now threatened by a Loegrian invasion. This sacred village and its hilltop castle provide the main stage for PvP Siege Battles in Season X: Highlanders. Broch Eastray can be defended or attacked, and invites two teams of 12 players to battle for dominion over it.


The Loegrians are at the gate, and what bigger prize to secure than that of the Highlanders’ precious Broch Eastray? Their homeland must be reclaimed by the united power of all Aelba’s clans and their new warriors, even if deadly traps may work against them. Much of the landscape has been destroyed, making cover scarce in the battered surroundings. However, new tactics can be deployed to reach the castle and regain control.


Broch Eastray’s village stretches up to a cliffside castle where the Loegrians have set up camp within the ruins and used its resources to erect defences, artillery, and traps. But the invaders neglected to realise that the Highlanders would have expert knowledge of this sacred site and find other routes to attack.

Attackers can gain an unexpected advantage by using the various routes and footpaths around the map to flank defenders’ formations. The supply point to the west can be seized early by attackers to gain an early foothold, who can leverage that to take Point B as soon as it's available.

Defenders can hold out at the base flag, fortifying units and artilleries behind the castle walls. The natural and invented defences can protect units from artillery fire and ranged attacks, and the narrow paths offer brace units the chance to hold firm against cavalry advances.

An incendiary catapult is the icing on the cake of this fighting fiesta, a devastating weapon to be turned against both attackers and defenders.


  • Tread carefully as you advance. The paths may seem straightforward, but slowing tar traps litter the walkways, which can be lethal if set ablaze and could result in heavy losses.
  • Point A is located within the village, with some cover to avoid being attacked from above. It can be reached via a narrow eastern passage.
  • The incendiary catapult can be used by attackers (if it can be reached) through a slim entrance, which can then be used to pelt the defenders with flames.
  • Point B should be the first major goal of attacking Broch Eastray and can be assaulted via narrow mountain pathways.
  • Reaching the castle ruins and claiming the base point is the final goal, which can be reached via the main arch or other sneakier routes. Make sure you have your best units at hand and enough resources left over to take on this fight.


  • Let the tar traps do the work by luring attackers into them and setting them on fire. Be careful not to get caught in them yourself, though.
  • Defenders should man the small entrances to the village and the points, as there are multiple attack routes.
  • Defenders can use the defences of the incendiary catapult to hold attackers at bay and use the artillery to attack themselves.
  • Point B sits between the village and the castle ruins, meaning it is vital for defenders to keep this point safe and remain vigilant for all ambushes.
  • Within the ruins lies the final and focal point of the battle, and defensive measures should be taken to make sure the attackers do not reclaim it.

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