Known for their fearlessness, the Claymores are soldiers given a great honour— a prized greatsword. Charging into battle at the side of their clan chieftains and able to fend off many more foes than their numbers, their cumbersome weapons become lethal in the hands of these freedom-seeking warriors.

The Claymores will fight by your side with freedom in their hearts and bravery etched on their faces in Season X: Highlanders.


The Claymores can be unlocked by completing Seasonal Unit Challenges. They also enjoy a Seasonal Bonus in the form of Leadership requirements decreased by 10 points for the duration of Season X.


The Claymores possess great power which, combined with their courage, makes for a formidable combination in the face of any foe. This unit is able to rouse itself to not only increase its attack strength, but also its own health, speed, and defence.

Each greatsword-wielding soldier will go all out with every attack, but will then enter a weakened state when that effect fades.

Just the facts: Claymores (4-Star)


  • Column: A narrow formation effective for charging.
  • Dispersed: Claymores disperse to reduce damage taken.

Unit Traits

  • Battle-Happy: Each time a Claymore soldier hits an enemy, all defences are increased by 40 points. Stackable up to five times.
  • Fearless Heart: When the Claymores use a skill other than ‘For Freedom!’ it will receive the ‘Fearless Heart’ effect. For five seconds, 10% of damage taken will be ignored, and every successful attack will restore 150 Health and reduce melee damage taken by 20% for two seconds for itself and nearby allies. When used in conjunction with the ‘For Freedom’ order, the effect becomes even stronger, restoring 300 points of Health and reducing melee damage taken by 35%.
  • Burns Out: For ten seconds after using ‘For Freedom!’, the Claymores become weaker and cannot use other skills. Movement, attack speed, and damage dealt is reduced, and damage taken is increased.
  • Highlanders: Leadership cost reduced by 10 points during Season X.

Unit Orders

  • Highland Charge: The Unit charges toward the target, inflicting damage to enemies along the way (with ‘For Freedom!’, the charge inflicts greater damage to Blocking). After the charge ends, the unit gains the ‘Fearless Heart’ effect.
  • Claymore Strike: The warriors swing their greatswords, dealing damage to nearby enemies (with ‘For Freedom!’, enemies will be knocked back). The unit also obtains the ‘Fearless Heart’ effect.
  • For Freedom!: The Claymore warriors roar and stir themselves up for battle, boosting their skills for 15 seconds. Fearless Heart is enhanced, movement speed is increased by 30%, damage is strengthened by 40%, and Maximum Health is increased by 2000. After the skill ends, the Claymores will be exhausted and their movement speed, attack rate, and damage dealt will fall dramatically.


Claymores are now available to unlock via Unit Challenges.

NOTE: The above information is correct as of the time of publication. Please check in-game for the most up-to-date Unit information.