Summer sale attire packs - available now!


The summer months are all about feelin’ good and sometimes that feeling is enhanced if you look good too. Thankfully, looking great is what our new discount packs are all about, as you and your units (and even your trusty steed) will be able to turn heads on the battlefield - just before you lop them off, of course!

There are three packs on offer, each distinctly different and all with a combined discount of 30%-off the contents if bought separately. However, just like the sun, the sale can’t last forever and will end on Tuesday 13 August, so get your orders in before it’s too late

Eagle Batallion

  • Eagle Knight hero attire set
  • Rubicante horse attire set
  • Eagle Guard unit attire 

If you favour an eastern-inspired look for you and your troops, this selection is for you. The iconic Eagle Knight hero attire set is perfectly matched with the Rubicante mount set, and your units will look just as impressive in the Eagle Guard uniform.

Hounds of War

  • Fleur-de-Lys unit attire
  • Vadasz Corps unit attire 
  • Eagle Guard unit attire

This pack if for those that put their units before themselves (and that’s not a dig at archers and musketeers, by the way). Within you’ll find three very fitting attires for your most loyal troops, whether they’re melee, ranged or mounted.

Grail Seekers

  • Runic Knight's hero attire set
  • Order horse attire set
  • Fleur-de-Lys unit attire

The Runic Knight offers the quintessential Conqueror’s Blade look (having starred in a couple of our promo videos) and together with the Order Set and Fleur-de-Lys unit attire, this selection captures something of the Teutonic heraldry of the European knights of old. If you’re off crusading around the Mediterranean this summer, pack accordingly! 

As good as they all look - and they all look absolutely fabulous - be aware that all hero, horse and unit attires are purely cosmetic items. Don’t expect to put them on and be able to hit harder or run faster. You will, however, cut an imposing figure on the battlefield!