Cry freedom in Season X: Highlanders, now available as a free update in Conqueror’s Blade! Explore all the newest content, including a Campaign and faction inspired by Scotland, unlockable units, a Siege Map, special launch events, and quality of life updates. The Battle Pass is also available now from MY.GAMES Market, Steam, and in-game, with the Clan Chieftain Hero Attire coming with it as an instant unlock.

Seasonal Campaign: Highlanders

Unite the Highland clans to fight for freedom, push back the Loegrian invasion, and claim epic rewards from the Battle Pass in an epic new Seasonal Campaign inspired by ancient Scotland’s wars for independence from England, and the tales of its legendary protectors and staunchest warriors.

Start your journey in Conqueror’s City in the heart of The Borderlands before taking the fight to Ungverija, Ostaria, and beyond. Follow the story of the Highlanders through five phases of the Campaign, and fight your way through twice-weekly Territory Wars with the sons and daughters of the Highlands by your side. Towards the end of the season, you will make your final stand for freedom at Turul Város.

Unite the Clans: 3 New Units

Three new Seasonal Units are available to unlock via Unit Challenges throughout Season X: Highlanders. Each has its own unique set of talents and abilities, with two also bringing entirely new mechanics to the game:

  • Bagpipers (3-Star) - Available Now: Marching to war with the soldiers of the Highlands, the Bagpipers bring new bard mechanics to Conqueror’s Blade by buffing their allies with stirring songs of battle.
  • Claymores (4-Star) - Coming December 27: Wielding prized greatswords only bestowed upon the greatest warriors of the clans, the immense power of the Claymores makes them superb shock troops.
  • Houndsmen (5-Star) - Coming Soon: Archers and animals combine to make a powerhouse of loyalty, unwavering companionship, and deadly precision damage.

Battle Pass: Exclusive Free & Premium Rewards

Defend the Highlands to inherit its treasures from the all-new Season X Battle Pass! Over 100 levels of Premium rewards can be earned by completing Seasonal Challenges, earning Glory, and levelling up during Season X. Earn freedom for your clansmen to score the Clan Reiver Unit Attire, Highlands War Banner, Highland Fling Emote, and so much more. The Laird of the Isles Hero Attire is the ultimate reward to strive for, a glorious tribute to the guardian of the Highlands waiting to be claimed at Tier 100.

The Clan Chieftain Hero Attire is available as an instant reward when you purchase the Battle Pass from MY.GAMES Market, Steam, or in-game for 1,000 Sovereigns. Conqueror’s Blade is a free-to-play game, and there are many treasures to be claimed on the Free Pass too, including Blades, currency, and a Player Title: Sword Dancer!

You can also unlock Blades from the Battle Pass to exchange in the Seasonal Store for Highland-themed weapon skins and reborn cosmetics not seen since Season VI: Scourge of Winter!

New Siege Map: Broch Eastray

The ancestral home of the Highlands people has been invaded by the Loegrians and must be reclaimed. Broch Eastray will be the stage for many historic battles for freedom in Season X: Highlanders!

This new 12v12 Siege Map invites players to defend or attack the ruins, using the resources of the nearby village to build defensive equipment and traps, or utilising multiple routes into the site to attack - stay tuned for more information.

Season X Launch Celebration Events

Get off to a flying start in Season X: Highlanders with special activities throughout December and January! Claim rewards, earn and exchange new drops for prizes, and embark on new adventures to keep your morale high for the battles ahead, while also celebrating the holiday season:

  • Drops & Exchange Event: Earn Owl Feathers as a matchmaking drop by participating in Siege and Field Battles. You can exchange them for Blades, 7-Day Santa's Sleigh, 7-Day Turkey Headdress, Bronze, and more. Look out for extra special drops of Simple and Improved Supply Packages too! Available from December 21 (10:30 server time) to January 16 (23:59 server time).
  • Sign-in Event: Collect items such as Unit Medals, Ancient Treatises, Owl Feathers, and more every single day just by signing in to Conqueror’s Blade. Available from December 21 (10:30 server time) to January 4 (23:59 server time).
  • Daily & Weekly Quests: Pick up daily and weekly quests from the Warden, and complete them to receive Simple and Special Military Sacks. Available from December 21 (10:30 server time) to January 16 (23:59 server time).

Make Your Stand in Territory Wars

Territory Wars begin on December 21 and will be waged every Tuesday and Saturday throughout Season X. Answer the call to freedom by participating in server-wide PvP battles, events which form the lion’s share of endgame content in Conqueror’s Blade.

Take part in Territory Wars by joining a player-controlled Free House or Alliance, or a Cohort (NPC-controlled House) and expand your empire by fighting alongside your fellow warlords via the ‘Battle’ interface or in the Open World to gain control of fiefs. For more information about Territory Wars, check out our top tips here.

IMPORTANT: Territory Wars will be replaced by Free Battles over the holiday season and to ease players into the new season on December 21, 25, 28, and January 1. Enjoy the (sort of) armistice!

Quality of Life Improvements

Many new adjustments and improvements have been deployed to change Conqueror’s Blade for the better in Season X. Changes to the Inventory, Character Creation, Weapon Specialisation System, and other features are here. Read up about every change in the patch notes before you set out for battle!

Let Freedom Ring Out Across the Highlands!

Unite the clans and fight for freedom in Season X: Highlanders, now available as a free update for Conqueror’s Blade!

For more information about Season X: Highlanders, check out the latest patch notes. New to the game? Conqueror’s Blade is available to download and play for free from MY.GAMES Store and Steam. Get the latest Conqueror’s Blade news by subscribing to the official newsletter and by connecting with us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord.