As the new season approaches, so too do a myriad of improvements to Conqueror’s Blade! Check out the following features being added or improved in Season X: Highlanders:

Weapon Specialisation System

Starting in Season X, Mastery Points will be converted into Skill Points (up to a limit of 100,000 and at a ratio of 2.5 to 1). All skills will then be unlocked using Skill Points. Scholarly Texts will be converted into Mastery Points.

Mount Maintenance

If you find yourself constantly needing to keep an eye on your loyal steed’s health, that will cease to be a concern. Hay will be removed in Season X, including the Hay available from the in-game Horse Seller.

When Season IX: Tyranny ends, Hay will be converted into Bronze (at a conversion rate of 1:500).

Character Creation and Personalisation

Get ready for a smoother character creation process in Season X, as well as brand-new face tattoo designs! Ink your Warlord’s face with several new designs to breathe new life and personality into your characters (plus, they just look really cool).

The personalisation menu will now include hair style, hair colour, facial tattoos, and scar adjustments.

Inventory Optimisation

Tabs will be added to optimise the inventory for cleaner organisation, and you can find your items in Hero, consumable, and materials tabs.

The Wagon has also had a makeover and will contain collected resources, artillery, and other tabs.

Territory Wars

Territory Wars will also undergo some changes in Season X, including adjustments to match/battle durations, initial Fief Levels and Fief Quests, Cohort/Imperial Restorationist Fief Ownership, Construction Items, Open-World marching, and more.

Stay tuned for more changes and even more detailed information in the patch notes when Season X: Highlanders launches on December 21!

IMPORTANT: All improvements and adjustments are subject to change until the season release. Consult the patch notes at launch for up to date information.