Deep in the Highlands lies the ancestral home of the people - Broch Eastray. This historic site of the first Highlander settlement is sacred to the kinsfolk, but the Loegrians have invaded, and now it must be reclaimed.

Ancient settlements dot the landscape of Scotland, from mountaintop castles to coastal forts, with one particular site dating as far back as 5000 years—Skara Brae. Skara Brae is the historic site of a Neolithic Highlanders colony and pre-dates not only Stonehenge, but the Pyramids of Giza. The inhabitants of this ancient Scottish land appear to have abandoned their homes during a terrible storm, leaving behind ruins that would not be discovered until they were uncovered by weather conditions in 1850. As interesting as a Pompeii-esque tale of a catastrophic natural disaster would be to believe, historians have since concluded that the Skara Brae folk left of their own accord for unknown reasons.

Slightly younger castles and fortifications in Scotland still exist to this day and haven’t yet crumbled to the ravages of time and the harsh Northern climate. Built to last from stone and towering high above the green grasses of the Highland terrain, it’s easy to gaze upon one of these monuments and imagine the battles that took place for dominion of its walls.

This new 12v12 Siege Map for Season X: Highlanders invites players to defend or attack the ruins, using the resources of the nearby village to build defensive equipment and traps, or utilising multiple routes into the site to attack.

Fences to keep out intruders are scarce, but dangerous tar traps line the territory, and when ignited by fire damage, burst into flame, causing heavy losses for troops on the wrong side of its sticky wrath while also slowing down those who attempt to cross.

However, tar traps aren’t the only dangerous surprises to watch out for, as deployable incendiary catapults are also at the soldiers’ disposal—launching a cluster of burning cans at enemies for massive continuous damage to the surrounding areas.

Will you fight for freedom alongside the sons and daughters of the Highland clans? Stay tuned for more information and a complete guide on how to defend and attack Broch Eastray after Season X: Highlanders launches on December 21.