Clans will be united, and history will be made as three brand-new Seasonal Units arrive to fight for freedom in Season X: Highlanders. The last of the troops to answer the call to freedom is the Houndsmen (5-Star), the first Unit of its kind.

What could be better than charging into battle with a fiercely loyal companion? Less man’s best friend, and more “man’s best killing machine on four legs”, canines have been used throughout history in both hunting and warfare.

With gnashing jaws and slashing paws, dogs were used to break up enemy formations in war before their human counterparts were sent in to attack, using the chaos to their advantage.

In Scotland, inscribed stones have been found to show mounted hunters accompanied by dogs, proving that there is no greater friend in battle than a fluffy one for the people of the Highlands.

In Conqueror’s Blade, hunting with hounds is among the many peacetime pursuits of the Highlands nobility. Those with superior hunting prowess become the dedicated master of the hunt for their clan. The Houndsmen themselves are kennel masters—responsible for keeping the hunting grounds safe from poachers and Loegrian intruders. The Highlanders’ enemies consider the use of dogs in battle to be an underhanded tactic, most likely because of the high levels of success these attacks tend to enjoy.

Armed with bows, the Houndsmen have mid and long-range precision archery damage at their disposal, as well as their deerhounds to deploy for savage melee encounters.

The hound is as loyal to its hunter as the hunter is to his hound, and their close relationship extends to a loyal bond on the battlefield. As both fight, the damage they deal increases, and the dogs will never leave their side. When a hound is struck down, the hunter will unleash his full force on the enemy to avenge his fallen companion.

Make history in Conqueror’s Blade when Season X: Highlanders launches on December 21!