Recruit warriors from the far reaches of the Highlands when three brand-new Seasonal Units arrive in Season X: Highlanders. The second of these new Units is a heroic band of greatsword-wielding warriors: the Claymores (4-Star).

Originating in Scotland and brandished in battles between 1400–1700 by Highland Scots, a claymore is often referred to as The Blade of Scotland. The unique weapon was created in the early Renaissance period, and the name is derived from the Gaelic word “claidheamohmor”, meaning “great sword”. The word ‘greatsword’ is attributed to any two-handed double-edged sword, whereas a ‘claymore’ is the term for the similar yet basket-hilted blade historically used by Scottish Highlanders.

While greatswords are often cumbersome due to their immense size and weight, the claymore had ample slashing power and, in close quarters, could hack through an enemy formation like a hot knife through butter.

In Conqueror’s Blade, the Highlander clans march into battle at the side of their chieftain, and there is no greater honour that can be bestowed upon a soldier than to be entrusted with one of the prized claymores; forged by the most skilled swordsmiths in the land and capable of cutting through steel mail and flesh alike.

Going all-out with every attack, the Claymores make excellent shock troops by charging into battle, gaining defence as they attack. The enemies of the clans dread conflicts where they must face these fearless warriors, particularly after the Battle of Gallows Hill, where thirty claymore-armed warriors held off many times their own numbers in the face of a furious barrage from the Loegrians.

Unite the clans in Conqueror’s Blade when Season X: Highlanders launches on December 21!