The sons and daughters of the Highlands have answered the call to fight for freedom, and three brand-new Seasonal Units are coming to Season X: Highlanders. The first of these new Units brings a brand-new battle mechanic to the fray: the Bagpipers (3-Star).

Historically, the bagpipes were so feared as a “weapon of war” that they were classified as such until as recently as 1996. To Scottish armies of old, bagpipes were more than just an instrument—they were a political symbol, marching their men into harm’s way to a glorious melody in the pursuit of freedom. Pipers were even stationed at the Battle of Waterloo as part of the 79th (Cameron Highlanders) Regiment of Foot, and their music reinforced the resolve of the regiments.

While some may think of bagpipes as an instrument of torture due to their loud and sometimes grating blares, they certainly intimidate enemy forces and were carried and played by ancient Scottish clans of old to do just that. In Conqueror’s Blade, the Bagpipers will carry on this rich history of political symbolism, intimidation, and uplifting performance.

Perhaps now thought of as reserved for royal ceremonies, funerals, and Hogmanay, the bagpipes remain a staple of Scottish culture, and their tradition is kept alive to this day.

The first unit of their kind in Conqueror’s Blade and our foray into bard-type mechanics, the Bagpipers provide stirring martial music as they march into battle alongside the Highlander armies, bolstering morale and the fighting spirit of the men.

While they may not be equipped with conventional weapons such as broadswords or spears, the Bagpipers have their own unique way of carrying their troops to victory—buffing their allies’ attacks with inspiring melodies. The music of these defiant men makes such a difference to the Highland units in battle that the Loegrians have forbidden the playing of their tunes wherever they can, deeming the sound of bagpipes to be an incitement to insurrection.

Cry freedom in Conqueror’s Blade when Season X: Highlanders launches on December 21!