It’s time to pull up a chair, grab the popcorn, and feast your eyes on a battle of epic proportions as CBL: Winter War 2021 kicks off today! We’ve met the 16 teams competing for glory, and over the next two weeks, they’ll all try to prove their mettle as the ultimate Conqueror’s Blade champions.

Tune in to Conqueror’s Blade on Twitch to watch all the thrilling action unfold starting today at 19:00 CET/18:00 GMT/10:00 PDT/13:00 EST!

On December 22, we’ll know which of our formidable teams has claimed victory over their enemies and will go on to battle the winners of a competition hosted by Booming Tech in January (more details coming soon) and claim awesome rewards for their efforts.

Good luck, and may the best team win!