What does “iconic” mean when we discuss the many Units in Conqueror’s Blade? Is it troops who are the strongest? Or perhaps soldiers with incredible Veterancy lines and defensive skills? Or possibly, a Unit whose popularity began as a joke but who quickly became a fan favourite to bring onto the battlefield...

The Serfs were voted one of the most iconic Units by Conqueror’s Blade moderators and community managers. Just like certain pocket monsters, this unit can be evolved into a force to be reckoned with. This Rustic Era Unit has been brought into battle 708,120 times by players worldwide and annihilated a total of 11,579,770 enemy soldiers (all-time)!

The 0-Star Sword & Shield Infantry Unit may be cheap and cheerful (coming in at a ridiculously low Leadership cost of 40), but their popularity knows no bounds. They’re particularly skilled at gathering resources for their Warlord and have several defensive skills to unlock along their Veterancy lines.

In real-world history, Serfs were the lowest social class of feudal society in Medieval Europe during the 9th to 15th centuries, but unlike peasants, they were not allowed to own land and instead had to work directly for their landlords.

In Conqueror’s Blade, while Serfs may be in the lowest tier of Units, they are at the height of their powers when their charging skills are unlocked, rushing into hordes of enemies and dealing massive damage along the way.

Whether you’re just filling out your Warband Build with an inexpensive unit, or you just find the Serfs to be exceptionally talented at healing themselves with their ‘Healing Herbs’ order, there’s no doubt that this unit has mass appeal.

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