The Conqueror’s City belongs to the Tyrant, and he won’t give up control without fighting a battle for the ages. His evil reign has spread like a plague across the Borderlands, and the Conqueror’s City is the last bastion left to seize for those Houses and Alliances who seek to put an end to his rule in Season IX: Tyranny.

On November 22, Stage 5: Imperial Dawn will begin, and the Conqueror’s City can be reclaimed from the Tyrant and his rebel armies. Before you can hope to take down this threat, you’ll need to know a few things first.

How do you participate in the Territory War for the Conqueror’s City?

Territory Wars take place every Tuesday and Saturday, and are a great way for you and your allies to increase your holdings and gain more Prestige. During Stage 5 (November 22-December 6), there will be four Territory Wars.

Before you can attack the Conqueror’s City, you must first take one of the Conqueror’s City Gates (and have enough Prestige to declare war on them). Your House or Alliance must also already possess one other fief (in addition to the Gate) in the Borderlands before you can begin this battle, so make sure you’ve expanded your empire. If a House has captured one of the four surrounding gates of the city and meets the criteria, they will then be able to declare war on the Conqueror’s City, attempt to recover it from the Tyrant, and ward off other contenders.

When will the victors be decided?

The House or Alliance that claims and holds the Conqueror’s City at the end of Stage 5 will be its sole owners until the Territory War reset, just before the start of Season X. Past victors will still be honoured in the future through a ‘Hall Of Fame’ on the official Conqueror’s Blade website.

What are the Conqueror’s City rewards for House and Alliance members and leaders?

Members of the House and Alliance which win the Conqueror’s City will receive a special Player Title. Prizes for claiming dominion over the Conqueror’s City are larger than for ordinary fiefs, and those rewards will be revealed soon.

Rewards will be calculated once the final battles have ended, and distributed after that — stay tuned to the official website for more information.

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