Meet with your new French Community Manager: Milord! You may already know Milord from the Discord community as a Moderator, but now he’s joined the Conqueror’s Blade team full-time to provide even more support to the community.

We caught up with Milord and quizzed him about his love of MMORPGs, the complexity of Siege Battles, and pirates!

Welcome to the Conqueror’s Blade team! What has the transition been like going from Mod to CM?

Hi, thanks a lot! I’m so glad to finally join the Conqueror’s Blade team as a Community Manager! When I receive a question or feedback, my immediate reaction is often ‘OK, let’s forward it to the CM’ and then I’m like ‘Oh, wait, I am the CM now’!

Joking aside, being part of the CM team is a lot of work; there’s so much to learn, understand, and take care of. Still, I feel extremely attached and grateful to the Mod team. People there are doing an amazing job for the staff, for the community, and the game.

What made you want to join Conqueror’s Blade in a more official capacity?

I’ve always loved MMORPGs, strategy games, and action games like MOBAs. Conqueror’s Blade feels like all my favourite genres mixed together in one single game. I had a ton of fun playing this game, met awesome people, and lived thrilling online moments. Now I wish to help new players enjoy the game as much as I personally did.

What do you hope to bring to the French Conqueror’s Blade community now you’re a Community Manager?

The French community is passionate. They care about the game, they care about the guild they are part of, and veteran players really enjoy helping newcomers. I hope I can help this community grow and make them feel better heard.

Walk us through your Conqueror’s Blade build - which Units do you bring with you into battle, what weapon do you wield, what Attires do you like wearing?

I have a soft spot for Sword & Shield Units: Palace Guards, Azaps, Paladins; I like their style and their versatility. That said, my favourite Unit of all time is the Siphonariois, the flame-throwing Unit. You know what they say: ‘when life brings you lemons, burn everything to the ground!’

I like Poleaxe, not only because it’s a very elegant weapon, but also because it gives you lots of crowd control effects and a wide range of useful skills. Truly the best weapon to fight multiple opponents at the same time.

I really can’t pick just one best outfit, that’d be like deciding who’s your favourite child! Season I Knight Errant, Season V Strategos, and the Polish Hussar Rotmistrz Attires are all masterpieces.

Which do you prefer - Siege or Field Battles? And why?

I prefer Siege Battles; I find them more complex and require more tactics and teamplay than Field battles. Siege Battles also tend to be more intense and impressive since you have more players.

Give us your top three tips for a beginner Conqueror’s Blade player.

  • Play with the Units and the weapons you like, not what’s considered ‘OP’ or meta. Otherwise, you’ll get bored very quickly.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help: Conqueror’s Blade is a complex game, there’re tons of different features and factors to take into account, but hopefully, there are even more players ready to share their experience and tips.
  • Join a House. It’s only by joining a guild that you can access the very core of the Conqueror’s Blade experience, not only being able to experience the thrilling Territory Wars but also because of the fun times and memories you’ll get with a nice online community will last longer than the game itself.

Describe your ideal Unit if you could make one from scratch.

Sword & Pistol Pirate Unit! They rush at you while shooting and then draw their sword. Most importantly, they should yell ‘YARRRR’ while charging.


You can get in touch with Milord via Discord, and catch him on the Conqueror’s Blade Twitch channel along with the full team, and watch his French (FR) streams on Tuesdays or Thursdays.