Arise from your coffin — Halloween is here, and it’s time for treats! Complete a batty set of in-game Attire Challenges from now until November 18 (23:59 server time) to earn limited-time rewards for free, including a Banner, Unit Attire, Emote, and Hero Attire!

Lead your undead legions in the Vampire Knight Hero Attire, command your own dhampir clad in the Eternal Legion Unit Attire, gallop into battle with the fearsome Vampire Knight Mount Set, and fly the flag of the undead with the Banner of the Red Castle!


You can check your progress and claim your vampiric rewards from the in-game Activity page when you log in, or by pressing F5. Complete the challenges below before 23:59 server time on November 18 to claim your fanged freebies!

  • Complete 5 challenges to receive the "Close to Midnight" Emote
  • Complete 10 challenges to receive the “Banner of the Red Castle” Unit Banner
  • Complete 20 challenges to receive the Eternal Legion Unit Attire
  • Complete 30 challenges to receive the Vampire Knight Mount Set
  • Complete 45 challenges to receive the Vampire Knight Hero Attire
  • Complete 50 challenges to receive the Vampire Knight Avatar

Every challenge completed will also award 1,000 Glory towards your Season IX Battle Pass!

Too busy stalking the night and didn’t have time to complete all the challenges? From November 18 to 25, you can not only claim your rewards, but pay off challenges too!

If you need more Halloween hype, you can also open our daily Trick or Treat doors for a surprise, and check out our other eerie events right here.