Want to step out of the broom closet and embrace your witchy self for the spooky season? We’re here to walk (or fly) you through the steps to form your very own witches coven of like-minded and black-clad individuals - just in time for Samhain!

A coven is a group of witches who meet to perform rituals, cast spells, and celebrate festivals (usually Pagan or Wiccan). Thanks to social media, locating witches is easier than ever before, and you can create your dream coven in a cinch. For all you know, a witch might be living next door to you...

Seeking your Supernatural Soulmates

Finding a coven (or creating one) is about making a “found family” - a group of people who share a mutual interest in magic and a strong bond of trust and kinship. Before you go looking for your magical mates, you must decide if you want this to be a coven with a hierarchy or one based on equality. Come on, obviously the former; who doesn’t want to be the Supreme? So now we’ve established you as the leader, it’s time to recruit some occult companions.

Short of shouting “is anyone here a witch?” at your local Hot Topic, you could scour the internet for paranormal pals and begin your journey into witchcraft together. Remember, a coven is made up of at least three members (although thirteen is ideal).

Create your Coven Calendar

Now your bewitching band is complete; it’s time to decide which Sabbaths and Esbats to celebrate. Together with your coven, you can perform rituals, compose recitements, and charge magical items for witchy purposes. 

With Samhain coming up on October 31, now is the perfect time to gather. Samhain is not just on the same day as Halloween; it’s also New Year for witches, so you have a second chance to see your New Years resolutions through (put down the candy corn and step away from the chocolate bars). Samhain is also a time to celebrate the lives of those who have passed and pay respects to your ancestors. Light a candle in their honour with your coven - if you can't summon the flames directly from hell, store-bought is fine.

Do Witchy Things

What’s a coven without some witchcraft? Engage in mystical and ancient activities such as reading tarot, researching the arcane arts, mixing herbs, and using crystals.

Long gone is the need to head down to your local hardware store to buy brooms in bulk - your vacuum cleaner will do the job nicely for a flying visit (who said witches weren’t up with the times?).

Et voilà - you are now the leader of your very own powerful coven. You are the weirdos, mister!