Early next week an extensive new update will be deployed and leading the list of improvements will be the ability for houses and alliances to start claiming the fiefs of the Borderlands. This functionality will be activated from Tuesday, dependent upon “Drill Mode” being successfully implemented for Monday (see article). However, before then, you can expect to enjoy the following changes:

  • Significant rebalancing of warlord and unit stats and abilities
  • A reduction in the resource requirements for fief upgrades
  • New Auction House filters
  • New safety features for Territory Wars drills and open-world spawning
  • Open-world movement rates increased 
  • Numerous bug fixes

There’s much more to add to the list and we’ll have the full patch notes ready ahead of Monday’s deployment. Next week will also see the introduction of a pack aimed at new players as well as a new PvE map, on which we’ll have more soon.

As part of preparations for next week, don’t forget this weekend’s event, during which you could earn yourself 3 days of Premium Account time! 

It’s time to get busy!