Summer means different things to different people, but for most it’s about having cool drinks on long days and having as much fun as possible while the sun is shining. Sadly, we can’t do much about the weather or provide refreshments, but we can guarantee enjoyment for those taking part in our summer-long season of events.

Starting this week, we’re hosting a number of contests, competitions and events via our various social media channels, meaning that all you have to do to take part is like, follow or subscribe in order to be ready when a challenge is issued! You’ll have to fire up the game soon afterwards, and, should you meet the challenge, provide evidence of your achievement, but those that do could be in line for some exciting prizes to make the summer months even more worthwhile.

Remember, forewarned is forearmed! You need to keep tabs on our Discord channel and Facebook page and be ready to charge into action when the time is right. Good luck!