We believe that within every bloodthirsty Warlord is a tortured artist waiting to break out. If that sounds a bit like you, we’d like to celebrate and champion your efforts in our monthly Conqueror’s Retreat - an occasional online gallery for the kind of warlords who’d just as readily belt out a pitch-perfect “hey nonny, nonny” as cleave a head neatly from its shoulders.

Simply put, if you like arranging words, video, creating images and other works of art, making medieval fare or indulging in a bit of cosplay from time to time, just send along your creative efforts on the relevant channels on our official Discord server and we’ll gladly profile the best of them. So long as they’re vaguely Conqueror’s Blade-related and don’t break the usual bounds of decency, taste and ownership, your entry will be gratefully received. 

There are four categories to compete in, Videos, Fan Art, Cosplay and Misc. (which is comprised of anything else fan-related such as guides, memes, poems, etc.) and every two weeks we’ll pick the winners from each category and the chosen few will receive a purse of Sovereigns! We should note that the winners will be chosen by the subjective tastes and whims of the Community Team! Don't forget to include your character and server name when posting your entries.

Good luck Warlords and let your creative juices flow!