Today we’re very pleased to be rolling out the guild sign-up and management part of the Conqueror’s Blade website, or, to use the correct parlance, the pages where you can create Houses, recruit other Generals, search for allies and begin building your future in-game kingdom.

We’re starting the process now so that when the game launches towards the end of the year, there will be factions and alliances eager to start conquering the map. It means you can put in an early claim for your House’s name, upload a crest, establish a credo, share lines of communication and start recruiting the generals that will lead your armies to future glory. It also means you can keep a watchful eye on any emerging medieval superpowers and start devising ways to keep them in check. (Did we mention the forums are open?)

To ensure your foundations for future success are as solid as possible, there are perks you can earn for your House as it grows in stature; from being able to reserve member names ahead of launch, to having a permanent and prominent web presence throughout the life of Conqueror’s Blade. Check out the current House perks below.

Finally, we’ve put together a special House Founder’s Pack that offers even bigger and better perks than those listed above, including automatic name reservation, unique in-game House nameplates and the chance to gain simultaneous beta access for you and your friends. Members of your house can take advantage of a 15% discount on any of our Pre-Order Packs! The House Founder’s Pack isn’t just for those looking to lead, but before acquiring one you should probably settle into your new House and get a feel for the place first.