UPDATE (JULY 11, 20:50): Help test the first server-wide Territory Wars - TODAY


UPDATE (JULY 11, 20:50): We would like to make this news a little clearer as we believe the news as it is can currently be misinterpreted. The Territory War Drill today and the real Territory War on Saturday will utilize the Borderlands as a passageway for all of the Major regions, the area of the Borderlands is currently not yet attackable and this will open up at a later date. We will provide more information on this in a future article.

Conqueror’s Blade has a fifth region, one that opens up the entire map to a global-scale medieval war! Obviously, we all want to see one get underway as soon as possible.

However, the ability to wage cross-border conflicts massively increases the scope of the Territory Wars system. It’s for this reason that we’ll be running a special Territory Wars event in Drill Mode today, July 11, just to see if things are working as expected. If they are, war declarations can start on July 12, with global incursions getting underway in the first-ever server-wide Territory Wars on Saturday, July 13.

We first put Territory wars into Drill Mode last month. It’s basically a training mode - all the fun of a full Territory War with none of the consequences. Check out the original article here, or simply scroll down to check out the battle and reward adjustments.


Territory Wars Drill Mode - June 11 

The basic rules of Territory Wars won't be changing: the foraging costs when marching in the open world will be the same, you’ll still need to click attack and choose a side to start an engagement, you only have one life and the outcomes follow the same rules - only without the long-term consequences. However, there will be some adjustments made...

Battle Adjustments 

  • No war declaration is required to take part.

  • Defenders are able to join the attacking side and vice versa.

  • There will be no Territory War house commanders.

  • Territory ownership will temporarily change if the attacking side wins, but when the event ends, fief ownership will be restored to the house which owned it prior to the start of the event.

  • The prosperity of a city won't be affected by the outcome of a battle, which means the city won't degrade as a result of being fought over.

  • There’s no unit death or injury, meaning battles will be closer to matchmaking battles in terms of unit attrition.

 Reward Adjustments

  • Whether they win or lose, attackers will be rewarded. Rewards will be based on performance and will be sent by mail after the battle is finished.

  • Defenders will be rewarded after the event, based on how much extra bonus is left in the fief. This rule is the same as per the weekly bonus that’s given out to members.

  • Each fief will be topped up with 100k-300k Silver, and this bonus is only to be applied for this event (it won't affect a fief's existing bonus). If the attackers win, they will split half the remaining pool between them, based on performance.