Borderlands & Forts: Opening Soon!


Warlords, it’s time to rally your armies, rouse your Houses and prepare for the next biggest challenge you will need to face, the Borderlands and their forts! 

That's right from Wednesday the 10th of July the Borderlands and all the juicy resources they have to offer will be ripe and ready for the taking. Not only does this mean new territories for houses to expand in and grow, but those that joined a different region and wish to migrate and join their friends in far off lands can now make the trek across the borders and reach pastures new! 

Be warned though, the trek to others will be fraught with dangers, be it rebels that roam the world or other players looking to prey on those around them so be sure to feed your troops and bring them along and be ready to defend yourself.

Once the borders are opened and allow players passage to the much-coveted borderlands through the border forts there will be a short time of peace for exploration before the first Territory War on Saturday the 13th. More details about these will follow shortly. 

For now, all you have to do is gather your Housemates to begin formulating your plan of attack, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!