New Map Release: Skylark Fort


Nestled in a valley between two huge mountains, is the NPC controlled fort by the name of Skylark. This may seem an imposing target for any would-be attackers, but the huge open field scattered with siege equipment, cannons and aided by an army of allied NPC’s should make the task that little bit easier.

Skylark Fort will be the first new addition to the PvE map rotation for those that are level 20 and above. However, just because you are fighting against the AI doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park on a bright summer’s day! 

First, you and your allies will need to battle across the valley floor fighting against the defenders of the fort in open battle, as you progress closer to the walls you will face an ever-increasing number of foes to block your path. 

After breaching the gate and fighting your way into the courtyard all that is left is to take the enemy camp. While sounding simple in theory it’s not so much when putting it into practice! To capture the camp you will need defeat enemy boss Tigran and the troops remaining under his command. 

Once the boss is slain and the camp captured it’s time to sit back and relax and let bards spread the tales of your heroic deeds!