It’s time to wage war! Sadly, not in Conqueror's Blade quite yet - there’s still a while to go until that battle can be joined. However, we are happy for you to engage in word-based warfare across the official Conqueror’s Blade forums, which are now active and open. If you have a question to ask, assistance to offer, an army to build or an opinion to share, post away!

While the course of future medieval warfare will be what divides and brings us together, please at all times keep your intentions honourable, discussions on track and the discourse civil, lest the moderation team be forced to haul away ne'er-do-wells and lock them in the forum chokey to cool off.    

Of course, if forums aren’t your poisoned chalice, you are welcome to engage with friends and enemies across any or all of our social media channels. If you haven’t done so already, you may like to claim your free cannons, just for joining us on Facebook or Twitter.