Mount up and ride out, the first content update for Conqueror’s Blade is now available to download for free from the Game Center and Steam! The Knights & Squires update introduces a host of important changes to the game, including gameplay improvements and balancing, five new units, an endgame progression system, and lots more new content!

Reinforce your armies with the new Crusade unit line! This expansion makes five new units available to recruit: Demesne Spearmen (Tier 2), Squires (Tier 3), Spear Sergeants (Tier 4), Men-at-Arms (Tier 4), and Monastic Knights (Tier 5). Inspired by the chivalric orders that fronted a number of European militaries for centuries, these soldiers can provide reliable heavy support to your forces, with their considerable staying power making them a worthy addition to any army.

If you’re looking for more ways to show off your progression after hitting the level cap, we’ve got you covered. Military Ranks are part of a new progression system that will show other players an overview of your in-game military expertise and achievements! The system will activate when you reach level 60, with the Military Ranks displaying as a special frame around the class icon. 

The Knights & Squires update also contains a number of crucial gameplay and quality of life improvements. Several balancing changes have been made to certain units. Notably, cavalry units have received a boost to their health and base attacks, while the clout of their charge has been reduced by 10%. Additionally, the Dual Blades and Nodachi warlords now have new or altered skills, and join the Longbow and Glaive warlords in receiving stat adjustments in service of a more balanced combat experience for all players.

In the multiplayer arena, we’ve analyzed player behaviour and win rates to optimize certain maps, which will provide a better balance between attacking and defending teams during siege battles. Some additional changes have also been made to Territory Wars and the open world map.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your usual warlord tasks, don’t hang around your empire twiddling your thumbs – there are new quests at hand! New tutorial quests will provide more help to warlords still in training, with stellar rewards and equipment available upon completion. If you’re a seasoned warlord, a new set of daily, weekly, and fief quests are also available, with some tweaks made to the criteria for existing quests. You’ll now also have the ability to select a Skill Page for any class from the chests earned from weekly quests and drops!

Download the Knights & Squires update to experience all the changes and new content for yourself, and if you want a full breakdown of this update’s contents with all the juicy details, check out the patch notes!