Major changes:

  • New Crusade Unit Line
  • New Military rank system for players above level 60.
  • Balancing adjustments to Dual Blade, Nodachi, Glaive and Long Bow Warlords.
  • “Random Skill Page Chest” will allow players to choose any class skill page when opened. The amount of Skill Pages within the current reward pool has been increased.
  • Crafting level requirements for many items have been reduced.
  • A bunch of new tutorial quests have been added.
  • New daily and weekly quests with corresponding rewards have been added. To balance it, some rewards for older weekly quests were adjusted.
  • New fief quests have been added.
  • Existing Unit skins can now be applied to any units.
  • Smuggler now stocks  some crafting materials.
  • It is cheaper to declare war if you do it with advanced notice.
  • Balancing adjustments for various units. Cavalry is receiving a slight buff to its attack and HP.

New Content

Activated the Crusade Unit line which is comprised of 5 units:

  • Demesne Spearman (Tier 2)
  • Squires (Tier 3)
  • Spear Sergeants (Tier 4)
  • Men-at-Arms (Tier 4)
  • Monastic Knights (Tier 5)

Activated the Military Rank System for players level 60 and above.

  • Military Ranks will display as a special frame around the class icon.
  • Removed level display for players above level 60 and replaced with Military Ranks

System Optimization

Matchmaking Optimization:

Siege and Field Match-making has been updated



Level range














Brackets will merge if the system is unable to match a viable game within a certain time period. Stages will not merge together, meaning Newbies will NOT be matched with Veterans.

Store Changes:

Various changes have been made to items for sale in various vendors and stores throughout the world.


The following cosmetics have had their unit type requirement removed meaning they can now be applied to all units:

  • Vadász Corps Attire
  • Eagle Guard Attire
  • Fleur-de-Lys Attire
  • Golden Sun Mercenary Attire

Please note that the Fleur-de-Lys Horse Attire Set is still only usable by cavalry units.

Military Supply:

Added Soldier Training Document for 100 Gold. This item allows players to reset a unit’s Veterancy Points.


Added a handful of new items which cost 100 Silver each to the Smuggler’s store:

  • Scrap Iron
  • Scrap Copper
  • Piece of Wood
  • Bolt of Cloth
  • Piece of Leather

Auction House:

  • Added a refresh button.
  • Removed pending item display from the Auction House, only items for sale will be shown.
  • Adjusted guiding prices for all items and resources.

Skill Pages:

The “Random Skill Page Chest” which is awarded from weekly quests and open world treasures has been changed to an “Optional Skill Page Chest” which will allow players to choose any class skill page

Warlord Balance Adjustments:

A handful of Warlords have been adjusted to provide better and more balanced gameplay.


  • Increased basic swing damage (left-click) by 20%.
  • Added a new passive: Life Drain
    • When you hit an enemy with any of these three Nodachi skills, (Samurai's March, Fearless & Steadfast, and Bloodthirsty), you get a leech buff that stacks up to five times. Each stack confers a 4% leech effect.
    • The Bloodthirsty skill adds five stacks of the leech buff at a time.
  • Tiger’s Claw Skill: Health regeneration has been decreased from 1000/1500/2000 to 600/900/1200 dependant on the level.
  • Dragon’s Leap -  Removed the speed acceleration upon hitting the target.


  • Staggering Time has been reduced by 30%.
  • Staggered arrow speed has been increased by 37%.


  • The damage dealt by Flying Reaper I, II and III has been changed.
    • Originally, they were (511%+1548),  (511%+1788), and  (511%+2028) of blunt damage, respectively. Now they are  (682%+2065),  (682%+2385), and (682%+2705) of blunt damage, respectively.

Dual Blades:

  • Reworked the following skills while in stealth:
    • Removed the stun effect that resulted from Ambush. It has been replaced with a 260% slashing damage effect.
    • The Dusken Pall skill has been reworked and re-added back to the game. Now, when you use it, you kick the enemy’s head, dealing some damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

Unit Changes:

Several quality of life improvements have been added to units.

Unit Balance Adjustments:

Upon reviewing all unit data, it was found that the cavalry’s overall stats are weak, based on those findings we have increased cavalry’s health and base attacks.

We also have received feedback that the cavalry’s charge was very difficult to predict and the damage was unbearable, so adjustments have been changed to chargeable units.
All Cavalry Units have had their charge damage reduced by 10%.

Prefecture Pikeman

  • Charge damage has been reduced.
  • This unit now makes a gesture before accelerating towards the enemy.

Ironcap Cavalry

  • Health increased by 7%.
  • Basic attack damage increased by 10%.

Prefecture Heavy Cavalry

  • Health increased by 3%.
  • Basic attack damage increased by 10%

Dagger-Axe Lancers

  • Health increased by 6.5%.
  • Basic attack damage increased by 15%.


  • Health increased by 3.5%.
  • Basic attack strength increased by 20%.


  • Health increased by 3%.
  • Basic attack damage increased by 25%.

Winged Hussars

  • Health increased by 3%.
  • Basic attack damage increased by 11%.

Cataphract Lancers

  • Health increased by 8%.


  • Health increased by 3%.
  • Basic attack damage increased by 25%.

Fire Lance Cavalry

  • Health increased by 4%.

Ironcap Bowriders

  • Health increased by 18%.
  • Basic attack damage increased by 12%.


Warlord Equipment Changes:

  • Weapons and Armor sold by the Blacksmiths have had their level reduced from 15 to 10.

    • Scimitar & Shield

    • Steel Glaive

    • Arming Sword
    • Steel Poleaxe
    • Steel Spear
    • Kosho
    • Precision Musket
    • Recurve Bow
    • Rebel Shortbow
    • Steel Daggers
    • Nubuck Camisole
    • Recruit’s Gambeson
    • Tempered Steel Mail Armour
    • Nubuck Circlet
    • Recruit’s Helmet
    • Tempered Steel Helmet
  • The lowest tier of craftable weapons and armour has had their wearable level reduced from 30 to 20.
    • Honed Scimitar & Shield
    • Crescent Moon
    • Knightly Sword
    • Berserker
    • Ox Tongue
    • Imperial Nodachi
    • Iron Spitfire
    • Iron-tipped Recurve
    • Ambush Shortbow
    • Shadow’s Wrath
    • Scout’s Tunic
    • Warrior’s Mail Skirt Armour
    • Conscript’s Camisole
    • Scout’s Headband
    • Warrior’s Red Plumed Helmet
    • Conscript’s Helmet
    • Scout’s Cloth Mitten Bracers
    • Warrior’s Bracers
    • Conscript’s Gloves
    • Scout’s Boots
    • Warrior’s Boots
    • Conscript’s Boots

Equipment Property Changes:

Adjusted the attributes for the Royal Sentry set.

  • Four pieces of the set have been adjusted:
  • Arc of Steel: Hit more than seven enemies to enter the Heat of Battle skill state for six seconds.
  • This description has been changed to: Arc of Steel: Hit more than seven enemies and your warlord gets the Wild Frenzy skill buff.

Quest System Changes:

Tutorial Quests:

  • Added guide on the ground for new players when they choose their region which helps direct them to the capital city.
  • New Level 10 tutorial quest: Blacksmith’s Greetings
    • Players will receive a level 10 Uncommon Helmet as a reward.
  • New Level 20 tutorial quest: Learning Crafting, Equipment Disassemble and Equipment Crafting
    • Player will receive level 20 uncommon bracers and chest armour as a reward.
  • New Level 25 tutorial quest: Artillery Crafting
  • Added two new serial quests: In Gratitude and Grand Designs
    • Players will receive warlord equipment and a whole set of schematics from completing these quests.
  • New main quest: Join a house.
    • Players will receive a Migration Token. This item allows you to move your armies camp from one Fief to another.

Daily and Weekly Quests:

Added new daily quests after level 15:

  • The Riches of The Earth
    • Head to the open world and collect resources once.
  • Let's Go Scavenging!
    • Head to the open world and collect three treasures.
  • Let's You and Him Fight
    • Activated after level 18. Duel another player.
  • On Patrol
    • Seek and finish a fight with roaming bandits in the open world.

Added new weekly quests:

  • Take & Hold
    • Three victories in Siege Battles, can be repeated up to three times.
  • Fields of Glory
    • Three victories in Field Battles, can be repeated up to three times.
  • Local Hero
    • Complete five Fief quests.
  • Forge & Fire
    • Craft one piece of warlord equipment.
  • Engines of War
    • Craft one piece of artillery.
  • Vie for Victory
    • Join and play the Deathmatch mode three times.
  • Iron & Blood
    • Join and play the Ironman mode two times.

A handful of Weekly Quests rewards have been adjusted.

  • Reliable:
    • House XP has been reduced from 175 to 50.
    • Prestige has been reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Faithful:
    • House XP has been reduced from 175 to 50.
    • Prestige has been reduced from 20 to 10.
  • Field Officer:
    • House XP has been reduced from 150 to 100.
    • Prestige has been reduced from 15 to 5.
  • Turf War:
    • House XP has been increased from 150 to 200.
  • All “Kill Warlord” and “Kill Soldier” requests:
    • House XP has been reduced from 125 to 50.
    • Prestige has been reduced from 10 to 3.
  • Fire On My Order:
    • House XP has been reduced from 200 to 100.
    • Prestige has been reduced from 15 to 10.
  • Bombardier:
    • House XP has been reduced from 150 to 100.
    • Prestige has been reduced from 15 to 5.
  • On Campaign I, II and III
    • House XP has been reduced from 50 to 10,20,30 respectively.
    • Prestige has been reduced from 5 to 1,2,3 respectively.     
  • Rebel Fighter, Peacemaker and Justiciar:
    • House XP has been reduced from 50 to 20,30,40 respectively.
    • Prestige has been reduced from 5 to 2, 3, 4 respectively.

A couple of Weekly Quests have had their conditions adjusted:

  • Bombardier:
    • Requirements for completion raised from 50 to 100 kills.
  • Half a Hundred
    • Requirements for completion raised from 5 to 50 matches required.
    • This quest can now only be completed once.

Fief Quests:

New fief quests have been added which require food and horses.

Open World and Territory War:

Various additions and changes have been made to the Open World and Territory Wars.

Territory War and Pursuits:

  • War declaration prestige cost now depends on the time period that war is declared.
    • 24 hours or more: 75% Prestige cost.
    • Within 24 hours: 100% Prestige cost.
    • During Territory War: 150% Prestige cost.
  • Added system broadcasts after successfully defending during a Territory War.
  • Optimized pursuit systems: If you are pursued by an enemy while outside the safe zone, their pursuit will automatically end if you then enter a safe zone.
  • Players who defeat enemy soldiers during pursuits and territory war have a chance to drop defeated enemy soldiers equipment.


More Inns have been added near region borders.


Greatly increased the limit of Trade Colonies (Smuggler Towns).

Resource Mining:

The number of remaining mining times per week will be clearly indicated to players and a message will pop up when the limit has been reached.

Open World Map:

  • Optimized the icon of Border Forts and Inns.
  • Optimized the Difficulty display of bandits and rebel camps.
  • Disabled the mouse wheel rolling out to the open world map.

Map Balance Adjustments:

We have optimized the following map mechanics to balance between attack and defending states based on player behaviour and map win rates.

Border Fort (Siege)

  • Decreased the damage of 2 defending grapeshot cannons at wall pass.
  • The respawn point of the defenders has a barrier added to prevent the attacking party from entering it.
  • The initial game time is increased by 90 seconds, adjusted to 14 minutes and 30 seconds, increasing the duration of the first phase of combat.

Augolia (Siege)

  • Deleted two ladders in the final respawn point of the defending area.
  • Adjusted the placement of the Supply Point in the defenders’ final respawn area. It is now closer to the main road.

Hidden City (Siege)

  • Removed one ballista from attackers side.
  • Removed one artillery from attacker side.
  • Adjusted the positions of a cannon and Hwacha on the forward-facing wall and reduced the time to use the cannon when the defending side spawns.

UI and Display Optimization:


  • Text display of Fame has been optimized.
  • Added information to the alliance and house lists where players can check published information from alliances and houses.
  • Players can now copy and paste text to and from the chat system.
  • Unit Settlement Page has been added to the Combat Settlement
  • Basic Rewards are displayed separately from Premium bonuses.
  • More Weapon Descriptions at Weapon choice in the character creation which includes attribute recommendation, difficulties, armour type, etc.

Item Icons

Optimized the following item icons:

  • Return Order
  • Requisition Order
  • Migration Token
  • Elite Player Zebra

Item Icons for Page’s Gift, Squire’s Gift, Knight’s Gift and Marshal’s Gift have been changed from Treasure Chests to Money Bags.

Bug Fixes and Optimization:

  • Players can no longer use ESC to skip some training missions, those involving: weapons training, unit training, horse riding training, artillery and siege engines.

  • Fix the appearance and attributes of an NPC Pikemen as they did not match.

  • Fixed the display issues of some military equipment models in the open world.
  • Fixed the problem whereby warlords were getting stuck between the Supply Point and the rampart in the southeastern corner of the map in Kurak Castle.
  • PVE units that feature Inner Growth have been replaced by level one units. Their appearance has not changed, but their attributes are the same as the player’s level one units.
  • Pertaining to specific levels:
    • Hold the Line (Moderate)
    • Hold the Line (Hard)
    • The Siege of Eagle Pass (Easy)
    • Siege of Eagle Pass (Normal)
    • Siege of Eagle Pass (Hard)
    • Raid on an Outpost (Easy)
    • Siege of Dasuo Fort (Hard)
    • Siege of Dasuo Fort (Moderate)
  • Fixed the medium difficulty in the rebel patrols battle. The second wave of enemies originally had a chance to not move upon reset.
  • Fixed some healing irregularities with the Avalanche and Tiger’s Claw skills.
  • Fixed the Deploy Caltrops I skill, which had a bug with its bleed damage effect.
  • Fixed Mercy of Heaven II skill description and a bug pertaining to its actual interval of effect.
  • Fixed Mercy of Heaven III skill description and the bugs pertaining effects that were supposed to apply only to allies but ended up affecting warlords as well and replacing their original recovery effects.
  • When Blood Oath reset the Tiger’s Claw skill, some people were unable to immediately use Tiger’s Claw. This has been fixed.
  • A label was missing when warriors in the Drill Ground detonated powder barrels with their muskets and suffered burning and bleeding as a result. No longer shall they suffer in silence, or at least without adequate labels!
  • There was a bug with kit boxes whereby some boxes contained the currently unreleased Viper Archer's Kit. This has been rectified.
  • Fixed the buggy messages pertaining to insufficient level when using the apothecary.
  • The rebels and their camp weren’t properly resetting. Now they do.
  • Some soldier types were apportioned unrealistic Inner Growth points. These have been adjusted. For players who had organized these units, we have come up with a Soldier Training Document that can reset Veterancy Points.
  • We have nerfed the buff that increases the attack and defence abilities of bosses in the novice stages. This affects the following levels: The Battle on The Plain, Valen's Last Stand, and Battle at the Storehouse.
  • Bosses have been nerfed somewhat in lower-level bot training stages. Specifically, we snipped off 1,500 points of their health.
  • When using Personal Histories, a sentence now clarifies that using such items will reset attribute points that result from the questions asked during character creation.
  • Now when players choose to leave their House, and the base in the castle town of the House will be forcibly relocated to a safe fief, no further unit losses shall be incurred.
  • The mechanism for resetting the battering ram after it has been destroyed following the capture of point A in Augolia has been optimized. When the battering ram is destroyed, it will be replaced after a specified period. If the current gate is already destroyed, whether battered by a ram or via other means, the battering ram will not be replaced.

And finally... once again, Evo Loz Gaming has taken a gander at the patch notes and provided a video summary for your viewing pleasure: