UPDATE (June 26): If you missed the news (see below), Territory Wars will be in operation tonight on all servers except for EU East. Please inform your troops and good luck for the battles ahead!


UPDATE (June 24): Territory Wars will be coming out of “Drill Mode” and returning in its original and intended form this week, after what’s been a very successful investigation - thanks to you!

However, in order to ensure the least amount of disruption in case there are unforeseen issues, there will be a change to the weekly events schedule. 

Rather than enabling Territory Wars on all servers on Tuesday 25th June, it will be active at the usual time only on the EU East server, with Ironman Mode replacing it on the other servers. If things go as well as we expect them to, Territory Wars will proceed on NA, EU West and EU West 2 servers on Wednesday 26th June at the usual time.

In effect, EU East will be following the established schedule, with the Tuesday and Wednesday events swapped for the other servers. Please prepare your troops and plan your week accordingly!


ORIGINAL STORY (June 21): Due to issues that are proving hard to replicate away from the live servers, the Territory Wars feature of Conqueror’s Blade has been temporarily disabled and will be put into what we’re calling ‘Drill Mode’.

Basically, we need your help to get Territory Wars working as intended, so we’re lowering the barriers to entry so that more players can take part. We’re also removing any ownership changes that normally occur as a result of Territory Wars (which means all territories taken during a war will revert back to their original owners at the end), to compensate for which, we’re increasing the rewards for participation. Think of this whole exercise it as a worthwhile training period for your troops, so that those who’ve not enjoyed Territory Wars can do so, while veterans can hone their skills and abilities  

What we’re hoping to do behind the scenes is to drill deep down into the code and the data, which is something we can only do effectively when there are large numbers taking part, and find the source of the issues we’ve been experiencing. Be aware that because of the complexity of the issues, it may be necessary to keep Territory Wars in Drill Mode for future events, just to see if any fixes we subsequently apply are effective - but we’ll let you know how things pan out.

The basic rules of Territory Wars won't be changing: the foraging costs when marching in the open world will be the same, you’ll still need to click attack and choose a side to start an engagement, you only have one life and the outcomes follow the same rules - only without the long-term consequences. However, there will be some adjustments made...

Battle Adjustments 

  • No war declaration is required to take part.
  • Defenders are able to join the attacking side and vice versa.
  • There will be no Territory War house commanders.
  • Territory ownership will temporarily change if the attacking side wins, but when the event ends, fief ownership will be restored to the house which owned it prior to the start of the event.
  • The prosperity of a city won't be affected by the outcome of a battle, which means the city won't degrade as a result of being fought over.
  • There’s no unit death or injury, meaning battles will be closer to matchmaking battles in terms of unit attrition.

Reward Adjustments

  • Whether they win or lose, attackers will be rewarded. Rewards will be based on performance and will be sent by mail after the battle is finished.
  • Defenders will be rewarded after the event, based on how much extra bonus is left in the fief. This rule is the same as per the weekly bonus that’s given out to members.
  • Each fief will be topped up with 2 days-worth of fief bonus, and this bonus is only to be applied for this event (it won't affect a fief's existing bonus). If the attacker wins, they will be rewarded with half of the remaining extra bonus that was added.

We hope “Drill Mode” will be a win-win situation for everyone, as more players will have the opportunity to try out the feature while we can get on with the business of improving it. We’ll let you know how we get on, and, of course, when the full-blooded no-quarter-given version of Territory Wars will be returning.