It’s week #2 in our plan to release new maps into Conqueror’s Blade, which means the second map has been unlocked!

Going by the simple and deceptive name Canyon, it’s an 8-vs-8 Field Battle map dominated by a dusty and deserted mining town, nestled at the intersection of a series of deep-sided ravines.

There’s an interesting symmetry in the map design, with all three capture points on the settlement outskirts, but all are very close to one another, which should lead to some very fast-paced and intense battles. In addition, because the Quartermaster stations are also sited close to the capture zones, retreating armies could find themselves in trouble if their flanks aren’t secure. Meanwhile, a danger for newcomers is that, being at the mercy of the sinewy streets, they could find themselves taking a few wrong turns to secure them. It’s not a map to get lost in, but the canyon itself does have a disorientating effect.