We are pleased to announce that, in addition to our continuing efforts to increase server efficiency across our established servers, we will soon be launching a new European server.

“Europe West 2” will be accessible from the main screen after a scheduled maintenance period on Saturday 22nd June, and will offer a fresh start for those that venture forth to explore unclaimed lands. Of course, we don’t expect them to remain unclaimed for long!  

New server FAQ:

Why are you creating a new server?

To provide a fresh start for those that wish to experience it, and to ease some of the pressure on “Europe West”, which is the most populated of our three current servers.

Can I transfer my existing/current character to the new server?

There are no plans to offer character transfers at this moment in time. You will need to create a new character to play on the new server.

 Can I create a new character on the new server and also keep my character on the old server?

You can have up to 10 characters on each server, so with a new server, you can create 10 more characters than you could before!

Can I send my pre-order pack and Collector’s Pack items to the new Europe West 2 server?

If you have items in your Account Inventory that have yet to be issued to one of your characters, then you can create a new character on EU West 2 and transfer those items to it.  

Can I transfer any of my Storage items from the website to the new server?

Though you must select a server, Account Inventory (aka Storage) items are issued directly to characters. If you have items in your Storage area and a character on the new server, you can make a transfer.

Can I transfer items I have already sent in-game from my current character to the new server?

No. There are no character-to-character transfers. If you have already transferred an item to a character on another server, it is permanently bound to that character and cannot be retransferred to another.

Will there be other new servers for other regions?

New servers will be considered if it becomes necessary.