Premium Account time is a multiplier for earning extra XP, Honor, Bronze and Vault Keys - all of which can be acquired in sufficient quantities through normal modes of play.

  • +30% Warlord XP

With a Premium Account, you’re on the fastest route to personal advancement with a massive 30% bonus on all in-game experience, from fighting battles to completing quests!

  • +30% Unit XP

Ensure your loyal units keep pace with your Warlords with a 30% increase on in-game battle activities. With Premium Account time, you can be sure no-one gets left behind!

  • +30% Honor Points

In an age of chivalry, Honor is the greatest resource! Use your 30% bonus to advance your House, and make it a true seat of your power and the envy of all those around you!

  • +30% Bronze Coins

Your armies are only as strong as the depth of your coffers, so ensure you have enough to keep your soldiers geared up and ready for battle. Maximise your Bronze income today!

  • +8 Secret Vault Keys (per week)

The spoils of war make victory even sweeter. With Premium Account time, you can earn 8 extra keys from weekly assignments to unlock even greater rewards from battle.