Given how many players we were seeing logging into Conqueror’s Blade over the first weekend of the open beta, we should’ve been breaking out the champagne. Unfortunately, when your wildest expectations are being met, the danger comes in being unable to cope - which is precisely what happened to our servers this weekend. The quantities of players charging through the gates were amazing to see, but the quality of experience for many left something to be desired.

We can only apologise and strive to do better - rest assured that server stability is right at the top of the priority list, closely followed by game balancing. Indeed, on that note, this week you can expect a significant update that should go some way to levelling the playing field while fixing up a few niggling issues. The patch notes for that will be available to study shortly - and we’ll let you know when downtime is due to commence.

We’re also looking forward to our first proper content update, which isn’t too far off now. You can expect a full announcement soon, but we can say that it will include a whole host of timely tweaks and fundamental fixes, as well as a brand new unit line for you to research and play through. Ahead of the update, we’ll be rolling out a new map each week; the first of which - Valley Fortress - should be available before the weekend.

To recap, you can expect to see some deeper improvements starting to roll out this week, which we hope will allow us to start building on more settled foundations for the future. With that in mind, we’d just like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we enter the second week of open beta and the start of greater things to come.