Hello Warlords,

Today has marked the first weekend of our Open Beta! We have to admit, we were incredibly excited to open the servers to the public, but we did not anticipate the demand and success we would have!

Thousands upon thousands of Warlords have logged in and the sheer amount has exceeded our server’s capacities. This has resulted in the issues cropping up that we haven’t seen before, and has underlined that there is a clear needed for an increase of server capacities.

There are several things we’d like to address. Firstly, we do apologize for the disconnects and stability issues that you’ve been suffering over this first weekend. We wholeheartedly appreciate your patience and feedback. While full servers is a nice problem to have, it has not been a fun experience at all for the community. We will be awarding every Warlord that had an active account from the beginning of OBT until Sunday 9th with 3 days of Premium Account time and 1000 silver, as thanks for sticking with us while we work on fixing the problems.

Secondly, we will be rolling out server capacity upgrades in time for next weekend and will apply patches to address as many server bugs that have affected performance as we can. While we’ve performed several synthetic stress tests before OBT, servers always behave differently under real-world load with new variables on player behaviour and networks.

Again, we thank you all for your understanding and continued support!