Conqueror’s Blade has some awesome cosmetic and convenience items, You can get them ingame by using the Sovereign currency, or by purchasing packs. Purchases sometimes involve using the web inventory to select which characters to send the purchases to. This guide is here to explain and guide you through theses processes, step by step.

Purchasing Sovereigns:

  1. Website method: Go to and ensure you are logged in. (Click LOG IN in the top-right corner of your browser window and enter the email and password you registered with.) Then select TOP-UP or go to
  2. In-game method: Press F6 and select TOP UP from the Store screen.
  3. Select the number of Sovereigns you would like and the currency you would like to buy them in. When you hit BUY you’ll be asked for a preferred method of payment and your payment details. You can then confirm and complete the purchase.
  4. Once purchase is complete, the number of Sovereigns you’ve bought will be added to your account - not to a character you might be logged into the game with.


Transferring Sovereigns:

  1. Note that Sovereigns could take up to 15 minutes to register on your account balance, which can be seen at Once it’s updated, simply click TRANSFER, then enter the amount, the server and the character you wish to transfer the Sovereigns to.
  2. Log into the game with the selected character and you will see the transferred Sovereigns on the Store screen (F6). A character’s individual Sovereign balance is also displayed to the right of the character screen (P). You can now spend your Sovereigns in-game!. Note: Any items bought with Sovereigns while in-game are immediately issued to the character you made the purchase with.


Transferring reward items and limited edition packs:

  1. Some reward items and all purchased limited edition packs (such as Pre-order and Collector’s Packs can only be viewed from your Account Inventory while logged in at It is from there that you can transfer them to a specified character.
  2. First, select the item or pack you wish to transfer from the left panel, then, if applicable, select the quantity in the centre panel. Finally, select the character who will receive the items or packs and press TRANSFER. Select carefully as all transfers are final - items cannot subsequently be returned to storage or forwarded to other characters. (Note: all pack contents must go to a selected character and cannot be split up between characters.)
  3. Returning in-game, your selected character can claim transferred items by simply opening the in-game Mailbox (the far-right icon at the top of the screen) and clicking on the attached item to have it either applied to your character or have it deposited in their inventory - from where it can be equipped or consumed as per other in-game items.

Be aware that purchases and item transfers won’t always register immediately and there could be a delay of up to 15 minutes when waiting for Sovereigns and items to appear in your account, web storage or game inventories. In the event that a delay is unreasonable or excessive, or you encounter unforeseen problems with purchases or transfers, please contact our Support Team to have the issue resolved.