With our trusty pre-order packs riding off into the sunset, it’s time to unveil the two new Collector’s Packs that have taken their place. Both contain new warlord and horse armour skins, Premium Account time and piles and piles of Silver that you can lavish on your most prized battlefield hero.

Order of Chivalry Collector’s Pack

If you’re going to ride into battle, you probably want to be sporting a motif associated with the very best mounted units - and there were few armies in medieval Europe that could withstand a change by the knights of medieval France. When your enemy sees the fleur-de-lis rippling across your horse barding, they will know you mean business!

Includes: Overlord Attire Set (Overlord Greathelm, Overlord Coat of Plate, Overlord Gauntlets, and Overlord Boots), Knights Armor Set, Overlord Horse Armor, 90-day Premium Account and 50,000 Silver

Immortal Warlord Collector’s Pack

With their distinctive armour, intimidating facial plates (men-yoroi) and elaborate kabuto helmets, the samurai warrior enjoyed a unique presence on the Japanese battlefield and was often at the heart of the most pivotal engagements. With this eye-catching red-hued Immortal Warlord armour set, you too can be the focus of attention as you carve your way to a decisive victory!

Includes: Immortal Attire Set (Immortal Kabuto, Immortal Do-maru, Immortal Kusari Gloves, and Immortal Kusari Boots), Immortal Horse Armor, 30-day Premium Account and 25,000 Silver.

Note: The above warlord and horse armours do not bestow any gameplay advantage beyond making the wearer look totally awesome.