Though the Glaive isn’t the most heavily-armoured character class, nor the most agile, the weapon upon which it is named must rank among the most terrifying in the current iteration of Conqueror’s Blade.

That’s because there are fewer things that make a medieval shank more fearsome than something long and unassailable to mount it on. Knife not doing it for you? Put it on a stick and, voila, a spear! Axe not choppy enough? Here, a pole! Giant ornamental sword not intimidating the enemy ranks like it should? How about so you can swing it so that no-one can get close to you? Brilliant! 

For all its obvious potency the glaive is by no means a superweapon. It has a long reach, sure, and it will cut deep if its blade finds flesh, but it’s a top-heavy weapon that requires strength to wield properly.

It’s also something that even the most distracted enemy should be able to see coming and run away from. In one-on-one duels, between a glaive and pretty much anything else, a Yakety Sax-backed comedy chase will regularly ensue.

In amongst the confines of rank-and-file confusion, however, the glaive will likely do much to further the cause of its eager operator.

Obviously, there’ll be some changes to the Glaive class between now and the release of Conqueror’s Blade, but we can’t help but feel that it will a popular choice with new players. Let’s look at some of the skills that will convince them of its devastating merits.  

  • Breaker of Shields: If you think the business end of a glaive is threatening, you probably don’t want to experience the base, which is the end of choice for the Breaker of Shields skill. The clue is in the name of course; a forceful thrust of blunt force designed to shatter any opponent’s defence, whether they’re cowering behind a shield or not.  
  • Hall of Blades: This skill is effectively the Glaive politely announcing its intention to slowly and steadily advance via the medium of devastating blows. Step forward, thwack! Step forward, thwack! Kind of like walking confidently and purposely forward when going to work in the morning, only with a sword mounted on a six-foot pole to help convince others to move out of the way. 
  • Warlord’s Greeting: Just one close encounter is likely to upset anyone coming face-to-blade with a glaive, but with this skill they get to experience two in quick succession. Think of it as a medieval double-tap, only not so much a tap as a sweeping tsunami of razor-sharp steel that wants to cleave a head from its shoulders.