We have a new video for you today! A word of warning though - it’s not very stabby. If you’re hoping to see lots of cleaverage and arterial spray as hundreds of swords clash under a leaden sky, you may want to lower your expectations just a tad.

What the video does do is highlight the extent of Conqueror’s Blade’s stunning open world, which isn’t something we’ve gone into much detail about. The historically-inspired realm across which hundreds of armies will clash is going to be pretty vast, with hundreds of provinces crossing plains, deserts, forests and mountains. Of course, there are all the blights of medieval human civilization to take in as well, such as rutted roads, oppressive mines and ever-expanding towns and cities - every inch of which can be fought over.

For now though, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the sights… More in the way of blood and guts (and open world campaigning) will be along soon.