Tutorials and guidance

  • New artillery deployment tutorial mission has been added.
  • Added more temporary units to tutorial missions.
  • New resources gathering and crafting missions added at level 15.
  • New appearance items added as tutorial rewards.
  • Some enemies in tutorial battles have been made weaker.
  • Quest icons (over NPC heads and on the minimap) have been adjusted.
  • Added a corresponding tooltip to switch unit when an active unit is almost killed.
  • Players must now finish at least one in the practice camp (vs. AI) before attempting PvP.

Houses and alliances

  • The number of alliances (Kingdoms) that can be allied has been decreased from five to three.
  • The number of alliances (Kingdoms) that can be deemed hostile has been increased from 10 to 15.
  • Adjusted in-game description of house reputation.
  • House search function allows you to prioritise the display of houses that are local to the region. 

Global Map and Territory War

  • Collectable random objects added to Global Map. These objects are specific to each player (when you see or collect the object, it does not affect other players - they have their own). Examination of these objects will provide a player with random rewards of different value (silver, crafting resources, consumables). Note: After being examined it will take 1-7 days for a new random object to appear.
  • A fief can’t be made to lose more than 100 prosperity points (equal to one city level) during a single Territory War.
  • Retreat, warlord death or battle loss on the Global map will turn soldiers in all army units into wounded: 15% of soldiers for PvP battles and 5% of soldiers for PvE battles.
  • Silver reward has been increased for owning cities and forts.
  • Inns added to the Global Map, where forage can be restored and units healed (unless a Territory War is in progress).
  • Rebel Suppression Orders are no longer required to raid Rebel Camps.
  • Wax Seal removed from NPC shop.
  • Fixed: horse model error in the big world.
  • Fixed: oversized siege weapon model error in the big world.


  • After various game activities (Rebel Camps - high probability, Expeditions - average probability, Ironman - average probability, Standard battles - low probability), the player may encounter a bonus reward interface. By using a Skeleton Key players can earn extra silver and basic crafting materials and equipment. Players may open up to 20 vaults per week.
  • 1, 2 and 3 Skeleton Keys added in respect of Squire’s, Knight’s and Marshal’s chests (weekly quests rewards). Note: additional keys can be obtained as weekly rewards by those with Premium Accounts.


  • Era requirements adjusted: Feudal Era now requires only two units to be unlocked from the Rustic Era. Chivalric Era - three units from the previous era. Silver Era - four units. Requirements for Heroic Era (five units) and Golden Era (six units) remain unchanged.
  • New UI and unit parameters/career visualisation added.
  • Fixed the following tier-6 unit bugs:
    • Iron Reapers were sometimes unable to attack 
    • Winged Hussars attack damage when not charging was incorrect
    • Fire Lance Cavalry were unable to shoot whilst attacking


  • Crafting duration for all operations reduced by a factor of ten.


  • Leadership removed as a Basic Attribute.
  • Basic Leadership value for level 1 warlords now 100. Additional 100 Leadership obtained at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60.
  • Some achievements required for studying character skills, were removed.


  • New matchmaking bracket added for levels 10-20.
  • Matchmaking maps for “Standard Battles” are now randomly chosen when applying 
  • Daily and weekly limits for “Ironman” and “Expedition” modes removed. 


  • The chat function now has channels for each supported language (EN/FR/DE/ES/RU).
  • Game client will default to language-specific channel based on client language settings. Note that chat channels will only accept characters respective to the host language.