As we established in our guide to Basic Attributes, character stats are at the very foundation of Conqueror’s Blade. They are the values that dictate everything that is innately physical, from when you run out of breath until when you gasp your last. And attribute stats don’t just affect your character either, they are at the core of every physical item in the game, from each individual unit to every item of equipment.

In this second part of our guide to attributes, we’ll be focusing on General Attributes, which are a kind of catch-all category that excludes those you can allocate points to (Basic Attributes) and those directly related to attack and defence (Combat Attributes). As a rule, they increase as you level, although some are tied more directly to what you have equipped at the time.

HEALTH: Each character (with a base Toughness of 17) starts with 16,700 HP, which is increased by the type and number of armour items equipped. Each level of Toughness also adds +100 HP to the total. Health can only be lost during combat encounters and is replenished through special abilities during combat.

LEADERSHIP: Leadership determines the number of units that a warlord can deploy in battle and, just as crucially, on the campaign map. Each player starts the game with 100 Leadership points, which can be increased through levelling and with the right equipment, up to a maximum of around 800 (lvl 60). For reference, a unit of basic Woodcutters (Rustic Age) requires just 40 Leadership points, while a single unit of Fire Lance Cavalry (Golden Era) will require 360.

STAMINA: Stamina is used during combat encounters when sprinting and rolling to evade damage and is replenished when not sprinting or rolling. Stamina has no bearing on damage or completing special abilities, only on whether a character is able to quickly engage or disengage the enemy.

CAPACITY: This has nothing to do with what’s in your inventory and everything to do with what you have equipped. If you can keep your Capacity between 20% and 70% of your maximum, it will have no effect. Above 70% and it will inhibit combat (reduced Stamina) and below 20% it will enhance your combat abilities.

MOBILITY: Not so much an attribute as an amalgam of different values that cast you either as a fast-paced assassin or a lumbering beast of war. As you level up, especially as a heavily-armoured warlord, you can expect your rating to change

In the third and final part of our guide to attributes, we look at the personal stats that dictate effectiveness in combat; a character’s Attack and Defence attributes.