Last week at gamescom was an incredible time for us, with hundreds of fans trying out Conqueror’s Blade for the first time. Thousands more joined us across social media to experience a little of what’s since been confirmed as a landmark medieval warfare game.

If you missed it, we offered a unique medieval experience, with full access to the latest development build, and, for those that tried it, a complimentary spin of our wheel of fortune. Beta codes were awarded to the bravest battlers, various goodies were bestowed upon passers-by and, for one lucky general - still be be crowned - a PC fit for a king. (Stay tuned - we’ll be putting all the names of attendees into a helm and drawing the lucky winner soon!)

In amongst the gamescom mayhem we also released a new cinematic trailer highlighting the scale of the battles to come.

There are more videos being prepared as we speak, including one with the development team answering the best of your community questions. Stay alert for that and for many more video insights in the days and weeks to come!

As we settle back at our castle and survey the feedback, we want to thank all those that visited us - we were surrounded on all sides by some incredible games and it’s an honor that you chose to spend time with ours! To everyone: thank you for your continued interest, enthusiasm, and, yes, even your concerns - all are valuable to us as we work towards expanding and improving the game as it nears the next milestone.  

Until we all meet again on some other field of battle, you can best engage with fellow future generals by joining our Discord. If you’re not already signed up, you can also keep up with all our communications across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You got your cannons, right? Good. Just checking.