UPDATE (16/04/19): Thanks to all that applied to take part in the Spring Mayhem Tournament. The first matches are due to start on Saturday (20th) from 18:00 CEST (0:900 PST), with a planned total duration of six hours. We’ll have a full match schedule for you later in the week.

ORIGINAL STORY (10/04/19): It’s time to prepare for the Spring Mayhem Tournament, which aims to put 16 selected teams from across NA and EU through a series of double-elimination 7-vs-7 matches. The last team standing will then play an international friendly against the winning team from a simultaneous and identical tournament being administered by our RU colleagues. Official merch and major bragging rights are up for grabs!

Registration is underway right now and will remain open until April 15, when we will select the teams for inclusion on a first-come, first-serve basis. House membership isn’t a requirement, but it helps!

The tournament bracket and full match schedule will be available after teams are finalised. Likewise, we’ll be announcing our all-star broadcasting crew in due course, one that will ensure we provide the most insightful coverage - all coming to you live via the official Conqueror’s Blade Facebook page.

Scroll down to see the preliminary schedule, prizes and tournament rules. We will update this post as and when required in the days ahead. Good luck!


SERVER: Dedicated tournament server

FORMAT: Double-elimination

TEAMS: x16 NA/EU teams of seven players each (reserves optional)

GAMEPLAY: Field Battle (3 capture-and-hold points)

MAP: Special Activity: Nomadic settlement (Hard)


  • April 10: Player and team registration opens at esports.my.com
  • April 15: Team registration period ends (also, Spring Mayhem event begins)
  • April 16: Teams selected and notified. Match schedule released
  • April 18: Players’ preparation day
  • April 19: First match rounds to be played
  • April 20: Final match rounds to be played
  • April 21: International Friendly played against the winning RU team


  • The tournament winners will each receive a Conqueror’s Blade goblet. 
  • The members of each finalist team will each receive an exclusive Conqueror’s Blade T-shirt.
  • All tournament participants will be rewarded with CBT access keys and 7 days of Premium Account time.
  • The winners of the EU/NA vs RU international friendly will earn the right to rename a town or city in their honour. The name will be displayed for all to see in-game from the start of open beta testing for a period of up to three months.


  • All players must be registered at esports.my.com to be included in a team. Please include your Discord login (eg “Bladester#1234”) as part of your profile.
  • Teams must consist of at least seven players. Up to two reserves are optional (nine players maximum).
  • In order to be considered, you must enter team and player details fully and accurately.
  • The selection of teams for inclusion will be based on a number of considerations: the time of registration, house membership and team name suitability.
  • Tournament communication will be conducted via Discord and Esports website.
  • Matches will be played via the PTR client, which will be made available through the Game Center launcher.
  • Teams may suffer forfeit if their captains are not ready 30 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled match. The captain will ensure that their players are ready at the allotted match time.
  • Forfeiting a match may affect team selection for future tournaments.
  • By participating in the competition a player gives their consent to having their in-game interactions broadcast.
  • Players that engage in behaviour that goes against the spirit of the tournament will face disqualification and/or other punishment.
  • We reserve the right to delay, postpone and/or cancel individual matches if there are valid operational issues or technical concerns.
  • The judges' interpretation of the rules is beyond reproach and all decisions are final.
  • We reserve the right to amend the rules of the competition at any time if they prove to be flawed or unfit for purpose - this includes changing the brackets.