Welcome to the first of many articles that will be detailing the updates made to Conqueror’s Blade during what will be a long and successful reign! As this the first one, we have a lot to get through.

Territories / locations

  • Two new territories added to the game
  • New resource points and settlements added. Previous ones redistributed
  • Many location changes: castles and cities look less generic, are more detailed and have more NPCs

Black markets

  • Special new settlements that cannot be captured
  • Rare NPC traders spawn there from time to time and sell rare materials for unit crafting
  • Each territory can have a single Black Market and they have unique look on the world map

Unit upgrades

  • 47 units rearranged across three research trees
  • All unit upgrades that were previously in the personal camp are now added to unit trees
  • All unit types now have their unique talent trees

Rebel / bandit camps

  • New PVE instances added on the world map
  • Groups of up to 5 warlords can play instanced battles to earn special rewards
  • Range of difficulties

New interfaces

  • New hero skill trees
  • Houses and Alliances
  • Diplomacy
  • Tax management
  • Upgrade menu (for getting more members and conquering more advanced settlements)

In-game shop

  • In-game shop added to the game
  • Items available to view only

Login and event calendar

  • Allows players to participate in daily and weekly missions
  • Login bonuses
  • Custom events


  • Allows you to make gear look like other previously obtained gear

New tutorials

  • Shorter
  • Allows you to test different classes

Resources and crafting

  • Basic and processed resources can no longer be acquired with Bronze Coins from NPC merchants.
  • Resource costs for unit equipment crafting have been reduced, as have the silver costs for resource processing.
  • Treasure resource type added. This rare resource can be found at resource locations and sold for silver at NPC merchants.

Match-making (now divided into 3 modes - all with Silver drop increase)

  • Practise: minor equipment wear and tear, units don’t require healing after a battle.
  • PvP mode: Unit injury and death rate are the same as open-world, huge Honor point reward.
  • Kingdom missions: Unit injure and death rate are the same as open-world, 100% Silver reward increase, daily limitation now weekly - only first 10 weekly battles are rewarded.
  • Optimized the difficulties of level 10-30, 30-60, and above 60 PvE levels

Unit research and recruitment

  • Tier 4, Tier 5 and Tier 6 units can now be recruited with Bronze Coins (previously Honor points)
  • Increased Honor point cost for unit unlocking, which is offset by a decrease in unit build/recruit costs
  • Removed Warlord requirements for unit unlock.
  • Numerous unit unlock/research tree optimisations and changes.
  • Progression added for Tier 5 and Tier 6 units


  • Stealth balance adjustments have been made (Dual Blade).
  • Horse sprint speed and sprint stamina costs have been increased (also, horsetail appearance optimised).
  • Overall artillery and siege engine damage rebalanced in line with other battle adjustments.
  • Added red markers to enemy Warlord when within 20 meters of the player.
  • Improved the appearance of units when hit.
  • Improved supply point interface (when switching units and Warlord equipment during battle).
  • Added several new battle badges.

Player guidance

  • New open-world tutorial quests and videos.
  • New in-game videos for units and class skills.
  • Added hint/guide images for when unlocking a new era (tier) of unit.
  • Weapon class tutorial: optimized training officer AI behaviour and weapon rack assets replaced.
  • Unit tutorial: changed supply point position, optimised progression and moved enemies outside the city.
  • Field Battle tutorial: Changed to two flag points and optimized the number of allied and enemy units.
  • Horse tutorial: added repeat challenges and some art assets replaced.
  • For those that need extra tuition, tutorials are now available in capital cities and can be repeated.   
  • Added unit unlock tutorial quest in capital cities.
  • Tutorial rewards optimized.


  • Lower unit equipment and higher Honor point rewards from fief quests.
  • Added high-tier main quest for levelling up

UI optimizations

  • Military and political functions added to ‘M’ maps.
  • Combined Group and Friends UI - now called Social (hotkey ‘K’).
  • Updated achievement icons.
  • Improved combat results screen to better highlight rewards and achievements.
  • Improved UI for Territory War, item/resource Deposit and House administration screens.


  • Improved building formula for self-build camps
  • Optimized achievement categories.
  • Improved AI behaviour and appearance of city environment NPCs
  • Improved 3D map: added several functions when clicking strongholds.
  • No longer able to re-supply or heal units at neutral/hostile fiefs.


If you made it this far, well done! If you require some extra pondering to go with your mass detail, maybe this guy can help...