War Elephant and Janissary unit skins coming to a pre-order pack near you!


We’ve always said we wanted to add better value to the current range of pre-order packs and today we’re happy to announce the inclusion of two new premium items: All pre-order packs will receive the Janissary Unit Attire, while the Conqueror’s Pack is further augmented by the mighty War Elephant mount skin. Yes, if you have already pre-ordered, you will get the new addition(s)!

The Janissary Unit Attire skin is inspired by the elite slave units of the early Ottoman Empire, a disciplined force that often showed unwavering loyalty and great discipline. Janissaries were considered to be among the greatest archers in the world and were among the first military units to adopt firearms after they became widely available. 

Famously used by Hannibal during the Punic Wars, there’s evidence to suggest elephants were used in warfare as early as 1600BC. During the medieval era, war elephants were used across Southeast Asia, China, India, North Africa and the Middle-east, almost to the point of extinction in some regions. However, even in small numbers, elephants commanded an awesome presence on the battlefield.

Be aware that both the War Elephant and Janissary Unit Attire are cosmetic items and bestow no battlefield advantage beyond looking awesome. They are to be applied only to elephant mount and archer units respectively. The War Elephant skin will come with a standard elephant mount. 

The Janissary Unit Attire skin will become available in-game at the start of open beta testing; at the same time as other resource and cosmetic items (Furious Samurai, Templar Commander kit, etc). Elephant mounts will be introduced as part of a subsequent major update.