Development on Conqueror’s Blade is advancing at quite a pace these days, but while we’re not quite ready to make an announcement, we do have one thing to shout about - a 15% discount on all new pre-order packs at and on Steam!

The sale has just started this morning and will continue until 11:00 CET (03:00 PST) on April 8th, 2019. Just to clarify, the discount applies to all Explorer, Adventurer and Conqueror Packs, either through Steam or from (Note that if you wish to upgrade a previous purchase, you can only do so with packs bought from with a account.)

Not only is this the first significant discount to Conqueror’s Blade since the game was announced, with the final stages of closed access now weeks rather than months away, there’s also only a short time left until the pre-order packs and their contents become unavailable. If you’ve been waiting for the best time to join the ranks, this could be it!