Are you bored of having nothing to do when the full moon comes around? Do you wish you could howl at the monthly lunar event with reckless abandon with a group of like-minded pals?

There are several ways to become a lovely Lycan: some are born that way, some are bitten, some are cursed, and others don a specific animal’s skin. Never fear, my dull human friend, we’re going to teach you how to mature into the crinite creature you were always meant to be... here’s how to become a werewolf!

Baby, you were born this way

The easiest (or most challenging?) way to become a werewolf is just to be born that way! Being born with the genetic ability to become a werewolf via both parents possessing the gene (genetic lycanthropy). While you wouldn’t exit the womb covered in hair and howling, you would start to take on your werewolf traits during puberty.

Don’t worry if you’ve not been blessed (or cursed) hereditarily, however, as there are a few more ways to come down with the lycanthropy bug and live your wolf-human hybrid Twilight: New Moon dreams. Where you been, loca?

You gotta bite for your right to party

Just like how vampirism is transferred via a bite from an afflicted creature, so too is lycanthropy. The bacterial strain within the saliva of werewolves means that a mere nip can infect you and turn you into a yapping fluffball with super strength (who really doesn’t like silver). We suggest attending your local high school basketball game and getting friendly with the overly-hairy star player if you’re looking to become a Lycan the old-fashioned way.

Thankfully, if you decide the dog life isn’t for you following the Teen Wolf’s bite, it can be simply treated with antibiotics (apparently).

Living in a lunar spell

Can’t find a werewolf to bite you, or weren’t blessed with genetic lycanthropy? Just get cursed! The first-ever werewolf, Lycaon, was created when he was cursed by the Greek god Zeus and served as a divine punishment for slaughtering a young boy and then offering up his human flesh as dinner to the gods (ouch, that’s rough).

Although a “curse” is the technical term for becoming a Lycan, even if you are bitten or scratched by a werewolf (and then become one yourself) you don’t always have to go on a backpacking trip to the Yorkshire moors with your friend Jack (à la AnAmerican Werewolf in London) to achieve the same effect.

If you’re looking to get some Lycan in your life, just anger an ancient all-powerful god from the comfort of your own home - it’s that easy.

Skinwalker? I hardly know her!

Don’t fancy being attacked or provoking a deity? Slap on a wolfskin and stand in awe as you shapeshift into a skinwalker! Navajo legend explains skinwalkers as being in the same family as werewolves (although the shapeshifting isn’t limited to wolves) and is achieved by draping the hide of an animal over them, thus taking on that form and those traits. Just as the Sons of Fenrir from Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok transform into wolf-like warriors with the use of a pelt, so too can you!

So now you know how to become a werewolf; assemble your pack, install a doggy door, and book the full moon off work - it’s time to howl.