Does your army need a little more firepower? In Season IX: Tyranny, you can start building your rebellion earlier and easier than ever before by pre-ordering the Shenji Grenadiers (5-Star)!

Recruit this fiery unit to your ranks and prepare to stand against chaos by pre-ordering their bundle at a 10% discount from now until October 24 in-game (23:59 server time) and via MY.GAMES Market (23:59 CEST).

The contents of your pre-order bundle can be opened on October 25 by pressing ‘F5’ to open the Season menu, accessing Unit Challenges, and then redeeming the stages granted with Challenge Tokens. These stages will also reward you with a 3-Day Shenji Grenadiers Contract, Doctrines, Unit Medals, and more. You will also receive an exclusive Iron Justice Helm (Helmet) for the Shenji Grenadiers.

Shenji Grenadiers (5-Star)

This explosive band of highly-trained soldiers from the East are well-equipped ordnance experts who wield elite muskets and bomb-throwing abilities.

Check out this Unit’s distinctive skills:

  • Attack Area: Order the Shenji Grenadiers to shoot their muskets at a designated spot.
  • Throw Grenades: The unit throws grenades at the target area, dealing damage and knocking down enemy soldiers. (Grenade ammunition is counted separately from musket ammunition).

The order in which Units in Season IX can be unlocked remains the same, regardless of pre-orders. For example, the Shenji Grenadiers can be purchased, but can only be unlocked if players also own the Axe Raiders (via pre-order or by completing challenges).

Defy evil in Season IX: Tyranny, available as a free update in Conqueror’s Blade now!

IMPORTANT: Do not purchase this pre-order bundle on MY.GAMES Market if you have already purchased it in-game.