With their trusty workers’ tools fashioned into deadly weapons, the Axe Raiders are the second Seasonal Unit ready to fight in Season IX: Tyranny Available to unlock now via Unit Challenges. Axe Raiders throw their makeshift axes at their opponents for brutally damaging strikes and use their own pain to their advantage for do-or-die attacks.


The Axe Raiders can be unlocked via Seasonal Unit Challenges. They enjoy a Seasonal Bonus in the form of Leadership requirements decreased by 10 and resupply costs reduced by 50% during Season IX.


As the Tyrant rose and famine swept the Borderlands, everyday people were forced to take arms and repurpose what tools they had to survive in the face of this new threat. The Axe Raiders are a band of unlikely soldiers defending their lands and lives with the tools that once worked the land. While some troop members chose to follow the Tyrant, others became mercenaries and grew into a formidable fighting force against the new evil.

Throwing their axes at their foes with precision, this unit will stop at nothing to defeat the enemy, especially when they are injured themselves.

Just the facts: Axe Raiders (4-Star)



  • Dispersed: The Axe Raiders spread out to reduce damage from ranged attacks.
  • Column: A formation suitable for the Axe Raiders’ fast charges.


Unit Traits

  • Slaughterers: Axe Raiders are brutally precise. When an attack command is given, this unit will throw axes at the enemy. After using Double Axe, throwing axes reduce all enemies’ defences by 200 for 5 seconds and can be stacked up to 3 times.
  • Indomitable: Axe Raiders become more fierce the more pain they suffer. When their throwing axes are depleted, the unit will acquire two new skills: Raider Charge and Cutting Edge.
  • Borderlanders: Leadership costs are reduced by 10 during Season IX.
  • Spite: Upon taking damage that reduces their health below 50%, the Axe Raiders won’t back down and will instead receive increased Attack and Defence for 8 seconds and will recover some much-needed Health.


Unit Orders

  • Throw Axes: Order the Axe Raiders to throws their axes, inflicting major damage and knocking down the enemy. After use, Close To The Edge can be triggered within 7 seconds.
  • Close To The Edge: Quickly rushing to where the Throw Axes attacks fell, dazing enemies along the way and dealing a small amount of damage, the unit will then attack nearby enemies with their replenished ammo. After ammo is depleted, this skill changes to Raider Charge: the unit charges as directed, stunning enemies along the way and dealing damage.
  • Double Axe: Each warrior quickly throws two axes at the enemy, dealing relatively high damage. When no targets are nearby, the Axe Raiders’ movement speed is increased, allowing them to quickly find their next victim. After ammo is exhausted, this skill changes to Cutting Edge, whereupon the unit immediately rushes toward the nearest enemy and launches a series of quick attacks.


The Axe Raiders are available to unlock via Unit Challenges now!


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